"With an intuitive user interface, Active Backup for Office 365 not only keeps 2,400 mailboxes safe but also saves us 84,000 AUD annually on license fees."

Allan De Brincat, IT Manager - APAC, Corin

The Company

Founded in 1985, Corin engages in the development, production, and distribution of reconstructive orthopaedic devices worldwide. By gaining, understanding, and sharing knowledge at every stage of the arthroplasty experience, Corin's hip, knee, ankle, and limb products build close connections among patients, surgeons, and healthcare providers.

The Challenge

Before adopting Synology's solution, Corin Australia had a hard time obtaining cost-effective onsite storage for data archiving. They needed an archiving solution to store cold data that wasn't cost-prohibitive or had recurring fees. Additionally, they were also looking for alternative software solutions to back up offsite data, particularly their Office 365 deployment. With over 2,400 mailboxes, licensing fees added up quickly and became a heavy financial burden for the company.

The Solution

Corin first migrated their VM datastore onto a Synology RS3617xs+ and then added additional data protection by backing up the data to another RS3617xs+ onsite. They also added an RS815+ as their offsite disaster recovery solution.


After comparing different backup solutions, Corin selected Synology for reliability, cost-effectiveness, future expandability, and ease of use. Synology's solution not only serves as the main storage server but also backs up Corin's entire Office 365 deployment without additional licensing fees. 

Active Backup for Office 365 saves Corin 84,000 AUD annually

Corin's 2,463 accounts are protected by Synology's Active Backup for Office 365 solution. Critical business data on Microsoft OneDrive for Business, Outlook, SharePoint Online, address books, and calendars are all safely backed up onto their Synology solution on a daily basis. Corin's IT team is able to quickly monitor all tasks and statuses through the centralized dashboard interface. Active Backup's Account Discovery feature reduces the need to set up new tasks for each new employee. Corin found Synology's solution to be exceptionally cost-effective, saving them 84,000 AUD annually compared to their previous solution.

Efficient offsite backup with Hyper Backup 

To build a disaster recovery plan, Corin utilized Synology Hyper Backup to back up important data to Microsoft Azure and a Synology RS815+ located offsite. Hyper Backup supports data deduplication and compression, which saves storage space, operating costs, and both time and bandwidth needed to complete the backup. Additionally, client-side encryption helps protect the data against unauthorized use, even when stored on the cloud.

Recommended Models

  • RS3617xs+ × 2
  • RS815+

Recommended Features

  • Hyper Backup
  • Active Backup for Office 365
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