Heartland Dental

“In just one package, we were able to meet our performance and HIPAA compliance requirements with the DS916+.” -Josh Gilmore

The Company

Heartland Dental, LLC (www.Heartland.com) is the largest dental support organization in the country with more than 750 supported dental offices located in 34 states.

The Challenge

Each of Heartland Dental's supported offices utilized a consumer grade NAS device to perform local nightly backups for dental practice data separate from off-site backups. These units were unreliable and did not provide the necessary throughput to perform this functionality. The units would regularly fail which could be disastrous if the office server went offline.

The Solution

After much online research and discussion with vendors, we narrowed the scope down to Synology. The Synology DiskStation DS916+ met our requirements in regards to throughput, security, ease of setup, and reliability.

The Benefits

The DS916+ met our HIPAA requirements to store patient data in an encrypted volume. With the increased throughput, we no longer need to worry about nightly backups running into business hours affecting performance of the systems. It also met our needs to be able to centrally manage and apply policies to the hundreds of potential Synology units in our environment. With so many units deployed, it's also likely that there may be a power outage at one of our locations. If the NAS shuts down due to an unexpected power failure, the system will boot automatically once power is restored thanks to Synology's power recovery function. This saves valuable time for our technicians, allowing them to focus on important tasks instead of having to travel to the site to physically restart the device.

Recommended Models

  • DS916+ × 100

Recommended Features

  • Central management of settings via policies in CMS
  • Overall throughput of encrypted volumes
  • Automatic power recovery options
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