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DSM 6.1 RC

Your Evolving NAS OS

DSM is constantly evolving to help your business tackle new challenges. This time, it delivers better IT efficiency with Active Directory Server, enhances performance with instant SMB server-side copy, ensures reliability with file self-healing, provides stability and security enhancements, and more.

File self-healing

Btrfs file system is able to auto-detect corrupted files with mirrored metadata, and recover broken data using the supported RAID volumes, which include RAID 1, 5, 6, 10, and SHR.

Shared folder encryption

Encrypt pre-existing shared folders, including the homes folder, whenever you need. For higher security and convenience, you can now mount encrypted folders automatically using a physical USB flash drive, without having to memorize encryption keys.

Active Directory Server

Transform your Synology NAS to serve as a domain controller and streamline IT maintenance by creating policies to automatically install certain software or system updates on all of your employees' computers without the need to visit each one individually.

Resource Monitor

Generate a more detailed report of running applications and information regarding their running time and hardware utilization. Performance Alarm1 is a new notification tool that sends warnings based on resource utilization to help IT administrators take appropriate measures on time.

Storage Manager

Perform migration from SHR-1 (one disk redundancy) to SHR-2 (two disks redundancy), allowing greater flexibility of storage expansion and better data protection.

Instant SMB server-side copy

The standard SMB server-side copy requires processing time, even when copying data to the same volume. With the help of Btrfs fast-clone technology, you can achieve instant file copy over SMB on your computer if the source and destination are both on the same Btrfs volume.

Account Protection

Stop brute-force attack by setting up the number of the account failed login attempts from trusted or untrusted devices.

Time Machine on macOS

You can now designate multiple shared folders with specific usage quotas (available on Btrfs volumes) to use as backup destinations, preventing unauthorized access or overcapacity. In addition, SMB is now supported on Time Machine on macOS Sierra

Flexible Update

For users who cannot afford service interruptions, installing minor updates for your Synology NAS is now more flexible. Changes in DSM allow for essential fixes to be installed without a system reboot, while other updates that do require the system to restart can be postponed to the next scheduled maintenance.

More features

  • Package Center auto-repair: If some packages become broken after a DSM upgrade and require an update, DSM can now automatically fix them during the upgrade to ensure the entire process is smooth.
  • DSM code sign: Much like your phone is able to block applications from untrusted sources, your Synology NAS can also block DSM patches that don't match the right sign code, adding an extra layer of security to your stored data.
  • SMB 4.4 upgrade for sparse file support, saving space while archiving image files of virtual machines.


  1. Now available on Intel based XS and XS+ Synology NAS models.
  2. Make sure to consult the applied models list in the package notes to confirm these features are compatible with your NAS.

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