Vast Cameras Support

The support for a wide range of devices and deep integration with advanced camera features gives you more flexibility to select the most suitable devices to meet your requirements.

Various camera type support

The native support for over 7400 kinds of cameras and video servers from over 100 well known brands allows you to easily integrate Surveillance Station into your existing setup. Read the full compatibility list here

The compatibility with ONVIF 2.6 Profile S increases interoperability, and provides you with more available camera choices.

Extensive camera support

ONVIF Profile S & Profile G

Video server

PTZ camera

Fisheye & multi-lens cameras

Full streaming support

Surveillance Station supports all the major video and audio codec, integrating with the optimized video codec with high compression ratios used by certain camera manufacturers.

Video Codec

MJPEG / MPEG-4 / MxPEG / H.264 / H.265

Audio Codec

PCM / AAC / AMR / G.711 / G.726

Optimized Video Codec

Zipstream (AXIS)
H.264+ (Hikvision®)
Smart Stream (ZAVIO®、VIVOTEK®)


Up to 4K

Broad Camera feature integration

Synology works with IP camera vendors to integrate broad camera features including but not limited to digital output, two-way audio, fisheye dewarping, event detection, and object tracking to provide a powerful, full-fledged surveillance system. Read the full compatibility list here

  • Digital Output

    With support for digital output, you can manually activate external devices such as alarms and magnetic locks, or include them in action rules.
  • Two-way Audio

    You can transmit real-time audio through IP cameras with two-way audio support, eliminating the need to install dedicated, expensive intercoms.
  • Event Detection

    In addition to performing specified actions, with event detection, recordings can be triggered automatically when a pre-defined event occurs, allowing you to instantly obtain valuable information.
  • Digital Output
  • Two-way Audio
  • Event Detection
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Recording at the edge

By storing videos in a camera's on-board SD card, edge recording allows cameras to continue recording even when the network connection is temporarily lost or when the server is down.

Support for ONVIF Profile G brings a broader selection of supported cameras, including those with ONVIF compliant edge recording.