Monitoring, alerts, and playback

Monitoring, alerts, and playback

Monitor Center is designed for you to customize your monitoring layout, control every device in your setup, receive immediate alerts about suspicious activity, and efficiently scrub through your recordings timeline.

Flexible security dashboard

Build a custom monitoring and control dashboard for all your surveillance and security devices. Flexibly drag and drop, resize, and even swap camera feeds, maps, I/O widgets, and other panels. Access live video feeds, scrub through past recordings, control devices, and get alerts in one unified view.


Control all devices in your deployment, monitor you video feeds, and investigate alerts directly on detailed, multi-floor maps to gain a more accurate picture of what happens on premises.


Be alerted when events are triggered, follow the situation in real time, immediately replay relevant recordings, and react faster with the Alert Panel in your Monitor Center.

I/O widgets

Operate sirens and speakers, door locks, LED lights, and more directly from the main view, without ever taking your eyes off your live camera feeds.


Scrub through the past and monitor the present in the same window. Choose a date in the calendar and investigate recordings more effectively.

Play back and investigate recordings

Scrub back through time efficiently by using automatically triggered events and your own bookmarks in the timeline bar. Find specific time points quickly, identify and track patterns, and free up time to react to situations.

Event log

Event log

Set up event triggers and easily find triggered events in the timeline bar in Monitor Center. Investigate different types of events, identify patterns, and be ready to react.



Scrub through past recordings manually or using the calendar to investigate specific time periods. Compare existing footage with live feeds, replay critical moments, scroll through videos, and miss nothing.



Manually mark the most important moments directly in the timeline bar, even if no events have been triggered. Add the title and description to every bookmark to specify the details and keep your own event timeline structured.

Be the first to know

Instantly receive reports about any incident in the way that you prefer, immediately replay footage, and quickly take control of the situation

Configurable alert types
Concurrent alert
Fast replay

Boost your situational awareness with maps

Get a better picture of your surveillance setup with detailed online maps of your surroundings, look through all the floors of your venue, and quickly preview each camera on a single screen and in real time.

Multi-location alert tracking

Preview triggered events directly on the map with automatic zoom to bring the most important views into focus.

Multi-floor support

Group floor plans together for a clearer understanding of where cameras are located and events happen.

Online map integration

Control surveillance deployments of all sizes with the help of detailed maps from Google Maps or OpenStreetMaps.

Live View Analytics

Define multiple criteria for security events and monitor for suspicious behavior in multiple ways at once with Live View Analytics. Footage that is flagged is immediately displayed through Alert Panel and Maps.

Built-in event detection
In-camera event detection
  • Motion detection

    System detects if there's any movement in a pre-determined area.

    Missing object

    Any object that's removed or missing from a pre-defined area triggers the alarm.

    Foreign object

    Any object that enters and remains in a pre-defined area is taken as a foreign object.

    Camera occlusion

    When an IP camera lens is blocked by unknown objects, the system will trigger an alert.

    Focus lost

    When an IP camera has adjusted or lost focus, the system will trigger an alert.

    No-idle zone

    Any object that stays in the no-idle zone for over a set period of time will trigger an immediate alert.

  • Motion detection

    System detects if there's any movement in a pre-determined area.

    Audio detection

    System detects based on a pre-defined audio level.


    When an IP camera is sabotaged or blocked, the system will trigger an alert.

    Digital Input

    When an IP camera is triggered by an input signal, it will send a signal to Surveillance Station to trigger an alert.

    ACAP plug-ins

    Supports AXIS ACAP plugins, for more advanced video analysis features such as Video Motion Detection 3, and more.

    Hikvision Smart Event

    Supports Hikvision Smart Event Detection including line crossing, intrusion detection, and face detection.

    Dahua IVS

    Supports Dahua Intelligent Video Surveillance Analytics, including Intrusion, Face Detect, and Scene Change.

Surveillance anywhere

Monitor anytime, anywhere using a web browser, desktop client, or mobile device. Surveillance Station works perfectly with Windows®, Mac®, iOS, and Android.


Google Chrome, and Firefox supported.

Desktop client

Surveillance Station Client is available on Windows and macOS.

Mobile device

DS cam works perfectly with iOS and Android.

Local display

Synology NVR and VisualStation provide local display function.


Access Surveillance Station from anywhere over the internet without configuring port forwarding rules.1


  1. QuickConnect is an easy-to-use connection service suitable for most short-term and occasional uses. Port forwarding is recommended for long-term access, and higher video streaming and playback performance.