Cloud Station SuiteEnd-of-Life

Cloud Station SuiteEnd-of-Life

With Cloud Station Suite, every change made to your files will be automatically synced to other devices such as PCs, mobile devices, or another Synology NAS, while multiple data versions are retained so that you can recover files from a previous point-in-time when needed.

Cloud Station Server will be succeeded by a new application, Synology Drive Server

Besides providing all features offered in Cloud Station Server, Synology Drive Server also comes with a universal web portal, optimized file synchronization performance, and support for file collaboration. We recommend upgrading to Synology Drive Server for seamless application migration.

File Synchronization

Cloud Station Suite features Selective Sync and offline editing, enabling files to seamlessly sync to different devices once the devices are connected to the Internet. Users can choose one-way or two-way synchronization according to their needs.

  • Selective sync

    This feature allows you to sync files to certain devices according to file format or size. For example, you can sync only the critical files in small sizes to mobile devices and sync large files to your DiskStation, thereby flexibly deploying the storage space.
  • Offline editing

    All the changes made during offline editing will be synced to Cloud Station once your device is reconnected to the Internet. For example, the annotations created on PDF files via DS Cloud during offline will be synced to other devices once it is reconnected to the Internet.
File Synchronization

Cloud Station Suite on your Synology NAS

Effortlessly manage a secure and intuitive private cloud.

Cloud Station Suite on your Synology NAS

File versioning

Historical versions of a single file will be retained for users to restore files to a particular point-in-time. Intelliversioning retains only the most important file versions, allowing users to go further back in time.

Point-in-time recovery

Version Explorer allows you to view the historical versions of your backed up data. Even when unforeseen disasters such as hardware damage or ransomware attacks occur, you can easily restore files or folders to a specific point-in-time within a few clicks.

2-step verification

The support for 2-step verification prevents malicious parties from taking advantage of weak or stolen passwords and hacking your sensitive data stored on Cloud Station, ensuring that your data is always safeguarded.

Encryption and compression

Equipped with mature and advanced encryption feature, Cloud Station ensures that your data is securely stored. In addition, storage consumption can be minimized because data stored on Btrfs shared folder volumes can be compressed.

Monitoring and Management

Cloud Station Suite comes with detailed logs and tools for administrators to monitor and manage various tasks.

Synchronization logs

Logs are provided on every Cloud Station Suite package, keeping track of who edited, deleted, or restored a certain file from a specific device when multiple people are collaborating on the same file.

Device permissions

Access permission can be assigned to user groups and IP addresses, allowing administrators to permit users to access Cloud Station only when their devices are connected to a specific network, such as an intranet or VPN.

File permission

With Windows ACL, you can specify detailed access rights and fine-tune users' read, write, and administration permissions for individual files; therefore, files can be synced to PCs and mobile devices according to the configurations.

Bandwidth control

Speed limit allows administrators to control the maximum bandwidth consumption for each user or group, thereby reducing speed bottleneck during heavy network traffic.

Stay updated with notifications

When certain events or errors occur, DSM-based Cloud Station ShareSync will send emails and DSM desktop notifications to the administrators and users alike.