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Synology® Announces the winners for Synology 2018 NYC online giveaways

BELLEVUE, Wash.—October 27, 2017—Synology® Inc. today announced the four winners of the Synology 2018 New York online giveaways. Synology 2018 New York, was this year's annual conference, which unveiled the company's latest products and achievements.

Congratulations to Sean Fallon, Gina Montilus, Eber Montilus, and Robert Oberwetter for winning the giveaways.

About the event

Synology 2018 New York included a briefing about new products, such as the company's first all-flash tower NAS and a new mesh networking system. Synology is also developing a wide range of new software solutions for individuals and businesses, including an AI-powered photo backup application, data protection tools for backing up virtual machines and public cloud data, as well as updated productivity tools.

The event attracts hundreds of industry partners and enthusiasts who want to learn more about the future of Synology. Look out for next year's event to make sure you attend!

Synology at a glance

Synology creates network-attached storage, IP surveillance solutions, and network equipment that transform the way users manage data, conduct surveillance, and manage networks in the cloud era. By taking full advantage of the latest technologies, Synology aims to help users centralize data storage and backup, share files on-the-go, implement professional surveillance solutions, and manage networks in reliable and affordable ways. Synology is committed to delivering products with forward-thinking features and the best in class customer services.

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