Mandarake centralized the surveillance management of 14 retail stores with Surveillance Station

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Surveillance management


Incident review process


Footage retention period

With the ability to store recordings, but also act as a file server and virtualization platform, Synology NAS is very cost-effective.

President and CEO, Tanaka Yoshiyuki

Centralizing surveillance for retail chain

In retail stores like this, shoplifting and theft are inevitable. Security is especially problematic in stores that handle high-priced items.

"I think crimes happen because there are gaps in the store's security," states President and CEO Tanaka Yoshiyuki. "While it cannot be helped in the case of robbery, we have been introducing surveillance cameras over the last 15 years to prevent impulsive crimes."

With cameras managed individually at each store using an NVR or NAS, operations have become challenging. Furthermore, non-Synology products often come with browser restrictions, meaning that footage can only be viewed using a Microsoft Internet Explorer plugin.

Centralized operation of 900 cameras in 14 stores

Using Synology, all cameras connected to the NAS can be managed with Surveillance Station. Mandarake deploys a DS1522+ as the host server, as well as a DS920+ and DS923+ as recording servers, centrally controlling about 900 cameras from their headquarters.

Currently, 2 to 4 Synology NAS are placed in each store, and up to 40 cameras are connected to each NAS.Workflow diagram for Mandarake


Intuitive operation with a simple interface

"I've known about Synology since they started official sales in Japan. At our distributor KSG's suggestion, I re-examined it and found that Surveillance Station was surprisingly easy to use. That was the opportunity that led to its introduction."

While the Synology NAS was adopted as an NVR a year ago, it had been used as a file server even before that. In addition, the NAS is also utilized to remotely run a Windows 10 virtual machine.


Reduced incident review workload

"We retain 24/7 audio-video footage for three months. When we need to review, we can use the event detection function to identify areas where motion occurred. This footage can be used as evidence to confirm facts. Installing cameras above the cash register aids in investigating any register discrepancies. Moreover, by reviewing the footage with customers who have inquiries, we not only clarify concerns but also enhance our work efficiency."

Field staff have expressed a need to retain footage for up to a year. Moving forward, the company will continue to collaborate with Synology and deploy equipment in each store that offers both cost-efficiency and comprehensive recording coverage.


Surveillance Station UI

The Customer

Founded in 1980, Mandarake Co., Ltd. describes itself as a "group that controls time" and operates a retail business selling antique books and other goods such vintage books, manga, toys, and other collectibles.  The company has 14 stores nationwide, in addition to its Nakano store in Tokyo's Nakano Broadway, and plans to open a store in Kyoto in October 2023.

As Japan's largest collector's shop, Mandarake employs expert appraisers with specialized knowledge to evaluate customers' cherished items. In addition to its retail business, Mandarake operates auctions and mail-order sales and trades in 150 countries worldwide.


Picture of Mandarake store

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