Synology Drive 3.0 <sup class="heading__title-beta">BETA</sup>

Synology Drive 3.0 BETA

Take control of your files, and create a secure environment for file syncing and sharing with Synology's online file server solution.

File server with powerful new admin capabilities

Keep control over larger deployments of Synology Drive Server with new Synology Drive Admin Console. Monitor and track server health status, client device info, synchronization status, externally shared files, and usage trends.

File server with powerful new admin capabilities

Advanced data control features

Usage trend analysis

Visualization of storage use helps you analyze storage growth trends and manage storage capacity before the system is affected.


Connected devices

A real-time overview of connected Synology NAS, desktop clients, and mobile devices helps you respond to irregularities on time.


Data ownership transfer

Transfer management rights and preserve access to files owned by inactivated users (including former employees and temporary users) to prevent data loss.


More intuitive user experience


Preview more file types

Smoothly browse and preview PDF, ZIP, PSD and other file types. Access file content online without downloading local copies.


Display personal quota use

Check your storage use anytime in the web portal and request a higher quota from your admin before you reach your storage limit.


Shared files overview

List all publicly shared files and review which data can be accessed by external users. Manage your shared files more effectively.

Boost productivity with Synology Office 3.3

Synology Office 3.3 speeds up many operations to create a smoother user experience. Useful new features make your daily work tasks easier.

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Assistive visual design

More themes and a grid line view in Slides make it easier to create the perfect layout for your presentation.


Quick content correction

The new Inspect revision tool in Document offers more ways to review suggested changes and includes Accept all / Reject all options.


Automatic formula completion

Prompt formula guidance in Spreadsheet speeds up data analysis and calculation tasks.


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