Storage Technologies

Storage Technologies

A redesigned Storage Manager, new performance optimization features, and more safeguards against data degradation.

Improved management experience

New Storage Manager makes it easier to troubleshoot, monitor, and maintain your Synology NAS.

Graphic overview

Identify the source of drive problems at a glance. Avoid accidentally removing or replacing the wrong drives.


Manage available drives

Wizards automatically guide users through the steps to set up available drives.


Volume usage details

View exactly how much storage individual DSM services use on your Btrfs volumes.


Enterprise class storage features

Maintenance and repair need not affect performance or uptime with new advanced drive replacement options.

Seamless manual drive replacement

Clone an old drive to a reserved spare, seamlessly switch to the clone, and remove the old drive without ever degrading the storage pool.

Predictive auto drive replacement

Let DSM automatically clone drives to an available hot spare when they reach critical or failing status and switch without RAID rebuild time.

Seamless manual drive replacement

SSD cache enhancements

Flexible online management

Create and remove SSD cache without interrupting system services.

SSD Cache Advisor

Monitors I/O operations and provides more accurate storage capacity recommendations.

Rapid write-back

Faster data write-back speeds up synchronization from SSD cache to HDD and automatically protects cached data.

Btrfs metadata caching

Store all Btrfs metadata to your SSD cache to speed up response and accessing times for all files.

SSD cache enhancements

Get started with DSM 7.0

Upgrade to our all-new operating system and discover a world of new features.


  1. Petabyte Volume support is limited to XS/XS+, SA, and FS Series devices with 64 GB or more system memory and configured in RAID 6. Initial package support is limited to Synology Central Management System (CMS), File Station, Hyper Backup, Log Center, and Storage Analyzer. Support will be expanded in the future.

  2. Data deduplication is only available on select models and only for Btrfs volumes made up of Synology SSDs. Visit this page for more information.

  3. Before upgrading, please review the release notes for important information about deprecated or removed features and add-on packages, and make sure to back up any important data.