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Digital Blowfish

Currently, it is difficult to find a memory storage solution capable of both holding a high amount of data and providing a seamless work process concurrently to support a 4K Raw post production pipeline. Thanks to Synology, the RS3614xs gives our team the reassurance of a stable platform, and at the same time provides a fast and smooth performance, allowing the team to perform to the best of their abilities. The RS3614xs has definitely been a key component for us in the production and completion of our first feature film, "The Tenants". Ling Wei Ming- Executive Producer of "The Tenants" at Digital Blowfish

The Solution

The Company

Fronted by a small but creatively dynamic team with extended experiences in both working in overseas and Singapore, we are capable of executing the full procedures of video production from Pre Production stages of concept and development, to Production stages of filming and directing, Post Production stages of composition & editing and lastly to the Final Major Deliverable.

Recommended Models

  • RS3614xs

Recommended Features

  • Robust and fast data transfer for footages that helps streamline post-production process
  • High amount of data storage capacity for the ever growing 4K RAW data
  • Centralized data storage and management with comprehensive protection mechanism
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