Chausson Materiaux Transforms Store Security Across France with Synology's Comprehensive Surveillance System


IP cameras centralized


Simultaneously monitored

Synology surveillance solution is the best one we've ever had. Thanks to the Centralized Management System (CMS), the management of all 2,000 cameras deployed in 350 stores has never been so easy. It is really cost effective and it helps us keep our most valuable products safe.

Benjamin Piumi, IT Manager, Chausson Matériaux

Costly, outdated, and decentralized alarm systems too slow to prevent frequent thefts

For many years, the Chausson Matériaux stores were vulnerable to theft at nights and during the week-ends. causing huge financial loss.

To be protected against risks, each store was using its own remote service based on an alarm system. When an alarm was triggered, a remote security guard was supposed to come to the store. However, due to the outdated system, many times it was too late when the guard arrived, and the assets were stolen. On top of that, the overall security service was expensive.

Following these repeated unfortunate situations, Chausson Matériaux decided to look for a cost-effective, centralized and flexible security solution. They needed to monitor the entire surveillance system of 350 stores and 2,000 IP cameras across France from their headquarters in Toulouse. Most important of all, they needed a surveillance solution which not only can stop the potential robberies, but also prevent these kinds of situations from happening again. 


Map of centralized surveillance cameras in France

Deploying a scalable and centralized security system across all stores

The main goal of Chausson Matériaux was to deploy the Synology hardware and software solution in all their stores by the end of 2018. To suffice the possible growing needs, they need a scalable and centralized security system.



RackStation as CMS at HQ with NAS units in each store for continuous, motion-detected recording

To meet the company's requirement, a Synology RackStation, RS18017xs+, was chosen to be the host server in the Centralized Management System (CMS) architecture. This rack unit is set up in the headquarters and receives all the camera streams from the 350 stores all over France.

Each NAS installed in their stores is managed as a CMS recording server. These units, including DS216j, DS216play, DS218play and DS218j, are directly connected to 6 to 8 IP cameras, recording in Full HD and 12 FPS with motion detection configuration. The recording is scheduled 24/24 and 7/7, providing a continuous and full monitoring of their entire business.

Over 100 stores securely monitored with real-time camera streams from 2,000 cameras connected to CMS

Besides, each recording server automatically sends the real-time camera stream of 2,000 cameras in low resolution to save bandwidth on the CMS host NAS, RS18017xs+.

Currently, Chausson Matériaux has already deployed more than 100 DiskStations, 1 per store. More than 100 stores are now secured thanks to Synology and Surveillance Station. With the scalable surveillance system, the rest of their stores will be equipped with the Synology solution by the end of 2018.


Enhanced security operations and improved response times with intrusion detection and IP telephony

Monitoring wise, three security guards operate in different shifts every night and during the week-ends. With the E-map (electronic maps) application on CMS, they have access to the different e-maps displayed on the screen and are able to monitor each of the 350 stores from the headquarters near Toulouse. Therefore, in case of an intrusion, the guards can quickly and easily detect the exact position of the intruder in a specific store and at a specific time.

When a motion detection is triggered, the alert is displayed through a pop-up window, the security guard can directly call the store by using IP telephony to connect to a built-in speaker and dissuade the intruder. In the same time, the police is notified to come to the store. 

The Customer

Established in 1921, Chausson Matériaux is an independent family business, offering its customer more than 90 years of experience.

As the leader in the construction materials industry in France, Chausson Matériaux combines 350 stores over 57 departments, 6 modern logistics platforms, 33 sites of construction and 3600 employees.

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