Available on iOS and Android devices, DS cam is the mobile extension of Surveillance Station. With DS cam, you can watch up to 6 channels simultaneously, take snapshots anytime, zoom in and adjust camera position with PTZ control1, and browse through recorded events.

A Reliable & Secure Solution

DS cam is a reliable and secure solution for mobile devices:

Mobile management

Take proactive camera control on the go. QuickConnect is also supported.

Smart phone

Cross platform support for iOS and Android.

Two-way audio

Transmit real-time audio through IP cameras with two-way audio support.

Full-fledged notification

Instant notification via email, SMS, and push service.

Multi-Timeline Playback for Incident Reconstruction

Supporting both single- and multi-timeline playback to help users quickly locate the recorded footage of the target incident and trace back events.

Adding License by QR Code

Quickly add multiple licenses in one scan to increase the convenience of large-scale deployments.

Smart Streaming Wherever You Are

Streaming live feeds through mobile network used to pose a challenge to surveillance on the go. With DS cam, however, you can pre-define the frame rate and resolution in which videos are streamed.2 Even under bandwidth constraints, monitoring on mobile devices will still be perfectly smooth. When switching to a computer, you can have the Live View back in high resolution.

Outstanding features on the mobile app

DS cam is a mobile extension of Surveillance Station. The core features of Surveillance Station are also supported on DS cam.

Multi-channel live view

Instant notification

Users can watch 6 channels of live feeds simultaneously and switch among all the cameras easily.

After receiving a notification on your mobile device, you can launch DS cam directly and watch live feeds or recordings of the event you've been notified with.

Download and experience now

DS cam is available for iOS and Android users, for free. You can download the app through App Store or Google Play.

Free from Conventional Deployment Limitation — Turning Your Phones into Cameras

On top of more than 6,000 cameras already supported, the all-new App LiveCam is forging a link between cameras on mobile devices and Surveillance Station, ultimately breaking through the confines of conventional deployment.

Record As You Go with No Storage Limitation

No need for extra setup! Record anywhere and instantly send your recording back to Surveillance Station on your remote NAS for simultaneous viewing and storing.

Zero Interruption during Uploading

Recording is no longer dependent on internet availability. Edge Recording records and stores videos directly on the supported devices during a loss of Internet connectivity. This allows for retrieval of the videos once the connection is restored.

Download and experience now

LiveCam is available for iOS and Android users, for free. You can download the app through App Store or Google Play.


  1. The PTZ function is only available to PTZ-enabled cameras.
  2. Compatibility depends on camera specifications.