RAID Calculator

Step 1Select drives


  1. Check the Synology Products Compatibility List to see which drives are compatible with your Synology device.

  2. The Synology RAID Calculator offers you a storage usage estimate with mixed drive configurations and RAID types. Synology systems require approximately 10 GB of space for use in RAID 1 configurations. The actual drive size will be affected by the system partition and can vary between vendors. The values calculated may differ from your actual results. Please refer to Synology Storage Manager for precise data calculations for storage installed on your Synology NAS.

  3. RAID F1 and SHR are only available on selected models. Please refer to the specifications of each model for detailed information.

  4. With SHR or SHR-2 as your RAID configuration, Unused space refers to storage capacity which may be usable by expanding the RAID array. With other RAID configurations, Unused space indicates space which will not be used, even if the array is expanded.

  5. Synology RAID Calculator results are estimates intended to represent new storage pool capacities. The maximum single volume size supported by Synology NAS varies depending on the CPU architecture and can be: 16 TB, 108 TB, 200 TB or 1 PB. For detailed information about expanding existing storage pools, please read Expand Volumes or Disk Groups by Adding Hard Disks and Expand Volumes or Disk Groups by Replacing Hard Disks.

  6. Synology RAID Calculator makes recommendations based on the selected total storage capacity. Some systems may not support certain drive capacities, but will be able to achieve target capacities through alternative drive combinations or when paired with compatible expansion units. Always refer to the HDD/SSD compatibility list for the latest information.