File server

Efficiently store, access, and share files with Synology systems. Simplify user and IT workflows with seamless native solutions for cross-site synchronization, multi-platform access, and centralized server management.

Flexible storage systems

From tabletop to data center
Hybrid cloud architecture

Data without borders

Sync files and folders between sites
Cloud-powered file syncing

Monitor all your systems in one portal

Safeguard the health and performance of your deployments across multiple sites using Active Insight's automated real-time monitoring, protection, and troubleshooting advice. Learn more

Monitor all your systems in one portal

Batch updates

Perform and monitor DSM and Synology package updates on all systems simultaneously.

Automated reports

Keep stakeholders up to date with automated PDF or CSV formatted reports that contain only the information they need.

Real-time tamper detection

File access monitoring detects and tracks unusual modifications, providing visibility into file accesses and changes.

Server protection

High availability and reliability
Remote backups

Security and compliance

Protection through data immutability
Secure data with encryption
FIPS-140-2 validated
Protection through data immutability
Secure data with encryption
FIPS-140-2 validated

Customer stories

Synology Active Backup for Microsoft 365 has let us streamline our operations. It has dramatically boosted the efficiency of our admins backing up e-mail, SharePoint, and other data and improved employee productivity.

Synology has saved us incredible amounts of time and money. They enabled us to reduce server hardware expenditure and cancel our cloud backup subscriptions all while making infrastructure and workstation backups, system logging, and file management much easier.

Synology is providing us a way to ensure the safety of our data in the cloud. With Synology, we're able to safeguard and restore our data in Microsoft 365 services in case of accidental deletion or data loss.

Recommended systems

HD6500High-scalability solutionsFS3410All-flash arraysRS2423RP+General purpose storageDS1823xs+Versatile data management
DescriptionHighly-scalable enterprise storage solutions ideal for consolidating large amounts of unstructured data.Ultra-high performance, all-flash storage solutions for latency-sensitive workloads.Designed for flexibility, Synology RackStations are cost-optimized with class-leading performance and data management capabilities.Compact, high-performance storage systems with advanced backup and management features.
Max. storage capacityUp to 4.8 PBUp to 504 TBUp to 720 TBUp to 648 TB
Maximum concurrent SMB/AFP/FTP connections (with RAM expansion)10,00010,00010,000110,0001

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  1. Please note that only higher-end models within the XS+/XS and Plus series support a maximum of 10,000 concurrent SMB/AFP/FTP connections.