Synology Calendar

Synology Calendar

Centrally track events and tasks on a reliable, secure, and private platform that helps you stay on top of everything that matters.

Never miss a deadline

Make sure that nothing slips through the cracks with intuitive planning features.

Agenda view
Event notifications
Advanced search

Keep everyone on the same page

Manage team schedules just as simply as you manage your own, without going back and forth between external services.

Share calendars

Share and collaborate on calendars to keep track of shared projects.

Send invitations

Invite others to your events and get notified of their availability.

Add attachments

Add attachments for use during meetings to your agenda items.

Stay up to date

Browse an overview of past notifications to check for any changes to your calendar.

Keep everyone on the same page

Plan in detail with to-do lists

Add personal to-do lists, organize them by due date or project list, and have deadlines reminded through customized alerts.

Plan in detail with to-do lists

Stay organized anywhere

View, create, and modify events using any client that supports the CalDAV standard. Learn more

Apple Calendar on iOS

Apple Calendar on iOS

Apple Calendar on macOS

Apple Calendar on macOS





Boost productivity

Increase productivity by integrating Synology Calendar with the other tools in Synology's productivity suite.

Synology MailPlus

Click on dates displayed in emails to automatically create events in Calendar. Learn more

Synology Contacts

Access your Synology Contacts team contacts directly from Synology Calendar to add invitees faster. Learn more

Looking to migrate from another platform?

Migrate events to Calendar with the Google Calendar import wizard or by uploading .ics files exported from other services.


  1. Requires a third-party app.