Active Backup for Google Workspace

Active Backup for Google Workspace

Active Backup for Google Workspace allows businesses to control and protect corporate data stored on Google Workspace. Mail, contacts, calendar, and Drive data can be backed up and centralized to Synology NAS, protecting against accidental events and satisfying data retention needs.

Comprehensive Google Workspace backup

Back up your Google Workspace My Drive and shared drives, mail, contacts, and calendar, with this on-premises solution.

Drive data protection

My Drive, shared drives and the corresponding metadata, as well as Google online applications, are all supported for backup.

Mail protection

Gmail data, along with labels, label structures and attachments, can all be backed up.

Contacts protection

Customer and partner relationships are key to business success. By backing up the contacts on Google Workspace, Active Backup for Google Workspace helps mitigate the risk of losing such assets.

Calendar protection

More often than not, data is deleted only for us to realize that it’s still needed. Start backing up your calendar events in Google Workspace now for when you need it.

Unlimited backups. No license necessary.

Active Backup for Google Workspace is a free add-on application coming with your Synology NAS. Select an ideal Synology NAS to back up unlimited user accounts, as long as storage capacity allows – completely free of licenses.

Your responsibility

It is your responsibility to protect your data being created on Google Workspace services, as they are not backed up or saved for long-term need.

Protect your intellectual assets

When it comes to data security, businesses should take full responsibility of controlling their data and protecting against human errors and malicious attacks.

Hold data for compliance and legal purposes

With industry regulations in place, organizations often face the challenge of data retention. In the long run, however, the storage space needed could incur significant costs.

Optimize the data restoration process

As data on Google Workspace might take considerable time and effort to restore, it is crucial to enhance restoration efficiency and minimize work disruption.

Your NAS, your control

Businesses can enable continuous backup to minimize the risk of data loss while flexibly preserving backup versions by setting a specific duration for file retention.

Continuous backup

Businesses can continuously back up user services and shared drives, thereby minimizing the risk of data loss.

Flexible file versioning

Data will be backed up if changes are made. When a backed-up file is updated to a new version, its previous version will be preserved for the period of time you set for file retention, so that at least the previous version will be available for restoration.

Smart restoration

With Active Backup for Google Workspace Portal enabled, both employees and admins can easily locate items for restoration and restore or export them within a few clicks.

  • Granular restoration

    Facilitate the restoration process by restoring a single file, along with its metadata, email, email attachments, contacts, or calendar events instead of an entire backup task.

  • Content search

    Content search helps filter out any email, mail attachment, contact, or calendar that contains search keywords instantly so that you don’t have to look through a mound of backup data.

  • Data preview

    Users can preview the content of an email, or the detailed info of any contact, before restoring to avoid wrong items.

  • Data export

    Mail, contacts, and calendar data can be exported in EML, CSV, and ISC formats, respectively, while Drive data and mail attachments can be exported in Office file formats.

Management redefined

No matter how many domains are set to be backed up, admins can monitor and manage backup tasks effortlessly from a single interface.

  • Centralized dashboard

    The comprehensive dashboard enables IT admins to monitor real-time and historical protection of backup services, storage consumption, as well as data transmission history.
  • Account discovery

    Account Discovery, which can be enabled per service, detects shared drives or users whose Google Workspace services are enabled, and automatically selects them for backup, saving admins the trouble of manual setup.

Storage efficiency

Synology's advanced storage technologies enable businesses to keep the most data while using the least amount of storage space.

  • Single instancing

    Mail, calendar attachments (Btrfs volumes only), and Google Workspace files that contain identical content will only be stored to your Synology NAS once, which saves storage space.
  • Block-level deduplication

    Files stored in Btrfs volumes on Synology NAS can be deduplicated from previous versions, minimizing the storage space required.


  • Are there any items to prepare before creating a Active Backup for Google Workspace backup task?

      Please create a service key and allow access to Google Drive with the Drive API. Learn more.

    Are there any NAS limitations or requirements?

      Yes, a NAS device running DSM 6.1-15217 or above is required and only x64 Synology NAS servers and the Btrfs file system are supported (if using deduplication technology). Find compatible models here.

    Can I back up Active Backup for Google Workspace data to another device to have a second copy?

      The backup copy feature is not supported at this time, but it is on our roadmap.

    Are there any license requirements or maximum account limits?

      No, it's completely license-free without limits to the maximum number of accounts. However, if the number exceeds 500, we recommend you reach out to our sales team for a consultation.

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