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Device and Content Control, Everywhere

Device and Content Control, Everywhere

Easy to operate and low-maintenance content filtering system built-in to put you in control.

Simple and Effective Parental Controls

Synology Routers give you comprehensive control over internet content filtering, device access times, and usage history.

Powerful Filtering

The multiple, constantly updated, web content categories easily allow you to filter out the majority of inappropriate or dangerous materials, especially with the additional white and blacklist functionalities for additional domains. Create and customize filter profiles on a per-device or default policy basis.

Device Access Schedules

Schedule device Internet allowed access times and enforce Safe-Search easily.

Website Access History

Monitor and record website access history of every device to allow further fine-tuning of web-filters or firewall rules.

Mobile Management made Easy

Synology Router Manager's companion mobile application, DS router, allows powerful management functionality even while you are on-the-go.

  • Wake on LAN

    Anytime access of your LAN devices while considering power save at the same time.
  • Parental Control

    Take control of each device's Internet usage, including what they can access.
  • Traffic Control

    Easily regulate the resource usage of your network.
  • Wireless signaling

    Check your wireless connection speed to optimize placement.

Download and experience now

DS router is available for iOS and Android users for free. You can download the apps through App Store or Google Play.