Toyota Motor Vietnam Ensures Business Continuity with Synology Backup Solutions


Synology's storage solution has increased our business resilience. It is reliable, secure, and provides future-proof scalability for our growing business data.

Bui Ta Hoan - IT Division Head at Toyota Motor Vietnam

Rapid expansion and increased data storage demands posed significant financial burdens

As one of the world's leading manufacturing corporations, Toyota has been steadily expanding its business over the years. In Vietnam, it operates one of Southeast Asia's primary automobile manufacturing plants, producing tens of thousands of vehicles annually.
This growth in production scale has resulted in the need for more data storage for operation services and crucial data backups. However, as their IT system's capacity increased to hundreds of terabytes, the expansion had become a notable financial burden for the business.

Need for a resilient, cost-effective disaster recovery solution

Ensuring the continuous operation of their production system was crucial to maintaining their reputation and place in the market. To safeguard their data from potential threats like ransomware, natural disasters, and human errors, Toyota Motor Vietnam sought a disaster-recovery solution. This would involve maintaining backups in a different location to ensure business continuity in the face of unforeseen events. They needed a more comprehensive storage solution that could reduce their IT infrastructure costs and offer enhanced storage capabilities for daily operations and data protection. This is where Synology came in.

Synology selected for backup efficiency, instant protection, and scalable infrastructure

After assessing options from different providers in the market, Toyota Motor Vietnam conducted a trial of Synology's system and was impressed with its capabilities. This included solutions for backing up data at their headquarters, providing instant snapshot protection, and ensuring the availability of their file servers. Additionally, Synology proved instrumental in increasing the scalability of its entire infrastructure to accommodate future storage expansion.


Topology of ActiveBackup for Business and Snapshot Replication


80TB VM cluster secured with Synology's backup and petabyte-scale storage solutions

At the company headquarters, they run several services on multiple VMs for daily operations. To keep these data secure and on-premises, they utilized Synology Active Backup for Business to back up their entire 80TB virtual machine cluster to Synology's petabyte-scale storage, SA3410, which is designed for growing storage needs.


To provide an extra layer of data protection, Toyota Motor Vietnam implemented additional daily offsite snapshots using Synology Snapshot Replication. Five identical 4-bay Synology RackStation units were set up at remote branches to serve as replication targets for data from the VM backup server. Immutable snapshot technology was also employed to mitigate security risks and manual failures.

Topology of Snapshot Replication

Active-active SAN server deployed for high availability in critical environments

To guarantee optimal operational performance and high availability (HA) for their essential data, Toyota Motor Vietnam deployed Synology's UC SAN server and expansion units as their corporate storage server. This active-active SAN storage, with two independent controllers, is specifically designed to ensure uninterrupted operations in critical environments, addressing the unique demands of Toyota's production line.

A comprehensive solution to enhance business resilience

Synology's diverse range of applications seamlessly integrates with Toyota's existing IT infrastructure, providing reliable solutions to safeguard the business. On-premises backups protect operational virtual environments, and additional layers of protection are extended through offsite backups using Synology's Snapshot Replication technology. For their main file server, active-active SAN storage guarantees continuous production line service, safeguarding mission-critical and sensitive data while fortifying the overall resilience of the business.

75% decrease in data backup costs

Synology's backup applications are designed with IT professionals in mind, offering simplified management without any additional software license fees. Compared to their previous backup setup, which involved hardware, software, and time-consuming maintenance, Toyota Motor Vietnam has achieved a substantial savings of 75% in the overall total cost of protecting its diverse enterprise workloads.

The Customer

Established in 1937, the Toyota Motor Corporation stands out as a prominent Japanese multinational automotive manufacturer, holding the title of the world's largest automobile producer and manufacturing approximately 10 million vehicles annually. With a robust global presence, they currently oversee operations in 67 manufacturing facilities and distribute vehicles to over 170 countries and regions.

In Vietnam, Toyota Motor Vietnam has established itself as one of the premier manufacturing facilities in the Asia-Pacific region. This achievement is attributed to the implementation of Toyota Production System (TPS) principles, a commitment to continuous improvement (Kaizen), and the exceptional craftsmanship displayed by their workforce.


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