Spend less time composing emails, and more time discussing critical issues on Chat! It is the messaging service running on Synology NAS, and it changes the way you cooperate with your colleagues.

Transform the way you communicate


Create a channel to gather all stakeholders together to make sure everyone is on the same page. Make a channel private for people upon invitation, or make it public to everyone in the company.


To ensure all messages are safely remained on the server yet invisible to administrators, the end-to-end encryption is provided in Chat. Set up your passphrase and you can create an encrypted channel or conversation with your colleagues.

Chat everywhere

Nowadays we rarely work on a single device; instead, we would randomly switch between desktop PC and mobile devices. Synology Chat is available on iOS and Android so communication would happen everywhere.

  • Post
  • Bookmark & hashtag
  • Package integration
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Manage your data all in one place

Chat centralizes all discussions in one place and further generates massive messages and files. Information management in Chat improves your work efficiency with powerful yet creative tools.

  • Post

    Make an important message a post so that channel members will never miss it. You can even comment on a post if you want to initiate a further discussion.
  • Bookmark & hashtag

    Bookmark a message if you want to read it later, simply like a to-do list. If you wish to label something for all the channel members, hashtag would be very helpful.
  • Package integration

    With the integration of Synology Calendar and Video Station, you can easily create an event via the detected date/time format in your message with few clicks. By leveraging the video player from Video Station, videos can be playback directly in the browser without downloading.

Perfect fit to your IT environment

Compatibility with the current IT environment always matters when deploying an on-premises solution. Synology Chat retains flexible to fit any kinds of IT environment.


Chat supports Windows AD and LDAP so you can seamlessly integrate with your existing account system. Employees only need to log in Chat without any hassle of registration and e-mail verification.

Webhook integration

Utilize Chat as an activity hub to centralize all your IT system notifications via the webhook integration. By configuring incoming/outgoing webhook, you can take Chat as a notification center monitoring your IT services.

All-in-one collaboration

Use Document and Spreadsheet to collaboratively edit and review documents with your colleagues. While editing the document or spreadsheet, Chat plugin is available for discussing on the document display.