Join us and soar to new heights

Join us and take up challenging work with the top software talents in Taiwan. Together, we will develop software and applications that benefit hundreds of millions of users worldwide.

Become a Synologist

Thinking out of the box

At Synology, we engage in constant change and invest in new ideas. We firmly believe even a simple idea can make a big difference. With us, you can foster inspiration, spark ideas, and re-imagine the impossible.

Building a team-oriented mindset

When like minds meet, they share, learn, and convert great ideas into reality. With a collective of passionate innovators working collaboratively towards the shared goal, we can complement each other and build top-notch teams.

We've got you covered

Synology provides a variety of benefits to take care of our diverse workforce.


Dedicated to ensuring the safety and well-being of our employees, we offer comprehensive plans, including labor insurance, National Health Insurance, and travel insurance for business trips.

Welfare Committee

It's important to connect with each other and unwind after work. Our Welfare Committee regularly hosts various events, such as club activities and guest talks, to not only boost physical and mental health but foster camaraderie among colleagues.


Health is the first step to success. At Synology, we have annual healthcare examinations and health-boosting activities, such as regular blood donations and weekly onsite massages.

Employee Purchase Program

You are entitled to purchase Synology products at a special employee rate.

Energy-boosting refreshments

Keep you fueling at all times with food, beverages, and seasonal fresh fruits in the cafeteria. We also provide various featured snacks on a monthly basis to keep you energized.

Parent-friendly work environment

To achieve a work-life balance and cultivate a supportive workplace, we provide lactation rooms and build partnerships with day-care centers for working parents.

  • Disclaimer: Synology benefit programs vary by region and are subject to eligibility requirements.

Learning never ends

Learning abounds

Each department has great flexibility in planning its own learning activities. We also hold training sessions regularly to enhance your business development and product-related knowledge.

Guest speakers

We invite speakers from various industries and backgrounds to share their life stories and expertise, offering insights and inspiration to our employees.