Wiener Wiesn Fest 2013

Through the complete and centralized video surveillance of the area and the big festival tents problems could have been identified immediately and therefore intervened rapidly during the event.Valuable experience for the future have been gathered without being directly on site through the video records. In the night-time breaks of the festival the Synology Surveillance Station supplied essential information for our security service as a motion detector. Christian Feldhofer, Managing Director of Wiesn Veranstaltungs- & Kultur GesmbH

The Company

The Wiesn Veranstaltungs- & Kultur GesmbH, based in Vienna, was founded in 2010. Together with the partner "Zum Ludwig" Gastronomie GmbH they attracted this year more than 200,000 visitors to Austria's biggest festival at the Kaiserwiese in front of the Viennese Ferris wheel.

The Challenge

A video surveillance solution was sought to monitor approximately 15,000 m² of outdoor area and 5,000 m² of indoor tent area. In addition of the main surveillance objectives, security live feeds had to also be in high definition for documentation, marketing and advertising.

The particular challenge was to find a surveillance solution that can provide stable and reliable recording results of an event that last almost 3 weeks with little configuration effort.

In addition, several recording servers were placed at different locations and had to be managed centrally via a user interface. Even if the management could be done from a PC, the solution should offer live surveillance via a smartphone app.

The Solution

A video surveillance solution from Synology was already installed a year ago in the „Melker Stiftskeller",a wine cellar and a restaurant from 1629, located in Schottengasse, Vienna. The high reliability, easy configuration as well as the simple possibility to access all pictures from all mainstream mobile devices led to the recommendation to use the Synology Surveillance Station for the Wiener Wiesn 2013.

Two Synology DS412+ and one Synology DS213+ with a total capacity of 40 TB storage were used. 30 HDTV cameras, mostly from the Axis M3000 series, with a resolution of 1920 x 1080p were connected via Gigabit Ethernet to those NAS storages. One camera was already installed on the 4th of September 2013 on the Giant Ferris Wheel. It provided pictures to the DS213+ (with 4TB space). The live feed provided live streaming at 10 frames per second to a HDTV at 1080p quality. Its surveillance area included the construction, the event itself and the disassembly. 

"The combination of the Synology solution together with high quality Axis IP cameras was for us as organizers and our customers the best way to guarantee and increase security." (Christian Feldhofer)

The Benefits

Easy Configuration

The main advantage of the Synology surveillance solution lies in the simple configuration. Since the solution is browser based, no software installation is necessary. The entire implementation was completed in just one day and they were able to meet the short-term deadline.


Synology supports many cameras types by which it was possible to install various models of different camera companies. Furthermore thanks to Synology CMS (Central Management System) the storage capacity was easily expandable by integrating another unit with only a few clicks.

Mobile Surveillance

The simple way to access all live videos as well as the recorded videos from any PC and all mobile devices was another decision criterion for the Synology solution. This helped the monitoring staff to access live view and recordings on the go for example with their mobile devices.

Recommended Models

  • DS412+
  • DS213+

Recommended Features

  • Easy Configuration
  • Flexibility
  • Mobile Surveillance
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