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NO.7 Sound Studio

Right:Chen, Chia-Hsiung, Music ExecutiveStoring clients' data securely has always been our top priority, and Synology DiskStation is definitely the solution. My personal experience gives me complete faith in it. And I strongly recommend it to all my friends. Chen, Chia-Hsiung, Music Executive.

The Company

No.7 Sound Studio was founded in 2002. While it focuses on TV commercial dubbing, it also undertakes drama and radio broadcasting dubbing. The studio now has more than 10 regular composing and dubbing professionals. When the studio moved from the outskirt into the center of Taipei two years ago, music executive Mr. Chen decided totransform it into a '' home ''. Under this intention, the noise-sensitive work environment gradually developed a welcoming warmth. The comfortable atmosphere and the convenient location are highly appreciated by clients and studio members.

The Challenge

With recording projects turning digital, transferring data means the studio needs to load the data in compact discs and sent them to the production companies or advertising clients by courier. Larger scale studios even employ professional errand runners to deliver files. Once clients retrieve the data from the compact discs, the discs becomes useless and therefore disposed. The whole process is considered as wasteful and unenvironmental. On the other hand, although digital data can be delivered via e-mail, it is limited by the attachment capacity and transmission stability. Failing to receive all data properly often left clients and voice dub professionals in rage, especially if the editor is in a deep slumber after being sleepless for 2 days straight; thus, Mr. Chen sought for a reliable and effective solution. Before using the Synology NAS server, Mr. Chen also tried using PC to host data and FTP server. However, the noise it produced seriously affected the recording quality. Also, the nature of such servers requires 24-7 availability, which caused the system to crash due to overheating. The studio was forced to stop in the midst of their work, which further delays their progress.

The Solution

After hearing about NAS server from a friend, Mr. Chen immediately started considering the possibility of integrating such product into No.7's daily operation. Even though most of the editors are loyal Mac® users, many other staffs still embrace Windows®operating system. Mr. Chen selected Synology DiskStation DS106 for its cross-platform capability. Staying loyal ot Synology DiskStations, the server is upgraded over the years: DiskStation DS107+ in 2008, and DiskStation DS210+ in 2010.

The Benefits

Data Sharing Server

Synology DiskStation provides all users to share files across multiple platform. The user-friendly interface appeals to both Windows-devotees such as administrative staffs and Mac-followers like recording directors and editors. The full compatibility makes files always accessible. It also ensures filenames won't appear as unreadable characters.

FTP Server

The built-in FTP server is user friendly that even staffs unfamiliar with its settings can find themselves uploading dubbed recording through the internet in no time. Relieved from constant CD burning and delivery, No.7 Sound Studio saves massively on delivery fee, which costs at about 100 NTD for each round. It has not only made the studio more efficient but also more environmentalfriendly. For their client, the advertisement companies, this means no more waiting on a delayed delivery or worrying about receiving a scratched and unreadable disc. An account number and a password are all they need to retrieve the recordings safely.

On the other hand, when advertising companies wants to look for a new commercial dub, they are just a phone call away from finding the right candidate. By specifying their request with the studio, they can receive No. 7's voice samples instantly from the FTP site. No more tedious mail exchanges over voice selection, studio staffs can focus their time and energy onto bringing out the best in productions.

The Highly-efficient Virtual Production Chain

Ever since No.7 Sound Studio adapted Synology DiskStation to tackle their problem, the Studio has collected numerous satisfying responses from their clients, mostly on efficiency and stability.

Some regular clients, such as TV program production companies, would ask Mr. Chen if they can borrow the FTP resource for data exchange with the executive producer at the television network. From Mr. Chen's perspective, the Synology DiskStation integrates peacefully into the vitual production chain. "If each account represents a friend, then Synology DiskStation no doubt has made many friends in No7 Sound Studio, "Mr. Chen jokes.

Secure Server Backup

Till now, No.7 Sound Studio still uses DVDs as backup to its creative assets. "Each project is dubbed and edited with tremendous time and energy involved, any loss or damage would be unthinkable. There is no compromise when it comes to data security. "Mr. Chen expressed. In the future, the studio will further benefit from DiskStation by adapting the remote backup solution. Data on DS107+ can be backed up onto DS210+ automatically, enabling more efficient data management. " Storing clients' data securely has always been our top priority, and Synology DiskStation is definitely the perfect guy for the job. My personal experience gives me complete faith in it. And I strongly recommend it to all my friends.

Recommended Models

  • DS210+

Recommended Features

  • FTP server
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