Livingston Parish Library

It is truly amazing, from both the cost perspective and how easy it is to make this technology work for you, because of the intuitive interface and innovative features offered by Synology. Giovanni Tairov, Director

The Company

Livingston Parish Library is a small public organization located in Livingston Parish, Louisiana. Established in 1946, this company has about 80 employees, 6 locations, and serves about 496,000 people a year. This library hosts many community programs, from helpful workshops and classes for adults to reading circles for children. This library is truly an asset to the Livingston Parish community, and has grown rapidly over the years.

The Challenge

Managing a small organization with 80 employees and multiple locations is not an easy task. Administrative files, which included personnel and other sensitive data, needed to be kept on a separate server where no one could access it, not even the IT Staff. Therefore, the storage device needed to have access controls that were easy enough for the management team to set up and control. Most importantly, the information needed to be safe- it would be disastrous to this 66 year old company if they were to lose any of the data that they needed in order to keep operation running smoothly. They were looking for a reliable unit that would not give them any issues.

The company also needed this device to be small - they already had a server room with a huge storage device, however this was out of the question for something this important. They needed to be able to remove the device in case of a natural disaster. After all, the area is prone to many - from hurricanes to flooding. Basically, they needed a desktop solution with a lot of power and high reliability.

The Solution

Giovanni Tairov, the Library Director, began looking for a solution. After seeing many positive reviews, as well as looking through the Synology product line, Giovanni decided on a DS411slim. Immediately, the team could see a difference. "Turns out, other features of this tiny but rather powerful box came handy too!" said Giovanni. "The fact that every file placed in a shared folder can be automatically scanned for viruses is a significant feature that adds even more value to this little gem." The company was able to organize and secure their files, as well as have full control over who can access what. In addition, Giovanni really liked the fact that Wordpress could be installed on the DS411slim with just one click. With their main website already running on Wordpress, the Library can now create a duplicate of their web site on their DiskStation. This is a great way to test different layouts as well as web site features without affecting the current website until it was complete.

Their only regret is that they did not discover Synology earlier - they had spent over $8,000 on a different storage device earlier that year. "Synology is such a superior product. I would have bought a much better Synology product for the third of the price paid to [the other solution]." said Giovanni. The company plans to trade out all the storage devices from other companies to more Synology devices. As a side note, Giovanni was so pleased with the way the DS411slim performs at his workplace that he bought one for his home use as well! This affordable device can be used in an organization with 80+ people, just as well as it can be used to a home.

Recommended Models

  • DS411slim

Recommended Features

  • Integrated with WordPress
  • Easy Access Control
  • Compact Server with High Add-on Value
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