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Ciné Digital Service

“The easy and very interesting storage expansion design was one of the first reasons we chose Synology,” Victor Héry, Networks and System Administrator

The Company

Ciné Digital Service is a France-based organization that's made up of 5 federated system integrators which specialize in digital cinema projection. The organization provides digital projection solution to cinemas across the country. The complete installation service ranges from installing projection systems and sound systems to setting up software to manage entire showroom from one single office.

The Challenge

With their clients being cinemas, Ciné Digital Service must provide storage solution that involves spacious storage and speedy transmission to fulfill the needs. When a cinema projects a movie, the projection server that's situated in each room will project the movie onto screen. However these individual servers only hold up to 4TB storage space. Therefore, large storage space is required for centralizing digital cinema films, trailers, ads, and other relevant information. These digital contents must be transmitted from the storage center to the servers in each room, and often multiple transmissions occur at the same time. Ciné Digital Service also wondered whether there's a product that can come in different storage sizes, yet offers the same benefits so that it can be suitable for cinemas large and small.

The Solution

Synology was the chosen solution because of the flexibility it offers. The NAS servers, DiskStation and RackStation, come in different sizes yet all equips the same operating system. Hardware specs are flexible in terms of choosing a model with redundant power or adding extra sets of 10Gb Ethernet cards onto high-end models. "The easy and very interesting storage expansion design was one of the first reasons we chose Synology," said Victor Héry, Networks and System Administrator of Cine.Digital.Service.

Spacious storage for all

"Synology products are really interesting as they comes in all sizes," commented Victor, "we could provide clients a solution that actually ‘fits' their needs." For large and popular cinemas, Ciné Digital Service can choose 10-bay models such as RS3412RPxs with two set of expansion units, RX1211, attached to it. When making construction planning for small-sized cinemas that may only play 1 or 2 films a week, Ciné Digital Service will suggest a more modest-sized DiskStation. Such secures storage flexibility and also makes sure all investments are used efficiently. In times of austerity, when all budgets and investment should be made worthwhile and with maximized value, DiskStation certainly can justify for itself.

Unhindered transmission speed

Large cinemas in France can host up to 19 films at the same time, and the size of a full film can go up to 300GB or more. Ciné Digital Service adds 10Gb Ethernet cards onto RS3412xs to ensure the transmission from NAS servers to the projection server is smooth and fast. The construction often involves bonding the transmission of both 10Gb Ethernet cable to provide the best performance possible. So that even if the RackStation needs to transmit files to more than 10 servers at the same time, the network setting ensures the performance will not be hindered.

User-friendly interface & hassle-free user experience

DiskStation comes with a clean and straightforward user interface which makes server management easy even for non-IT professionals. Cinema personnel have no trouble operating the system through the web-based user interface. In addition, the NAS servers are able to work seamlessly with a software that's developed by Ciné Digital Service to facilitate with daily cinema management, such as scheduling data transmission tasks. The in-depth compatibility offers hassle-free user experience and allows greater flexibility in management.

Recommended Models

  • RS3412RPxs

Recommended Features

  • Scalable Storage
  • High transmission speed with 10Gb Ethernet card support
  • In-depth integration with existing infrastructure
  • User-friendly interface
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