Aerial Photographer Chi Po-Lin

It takes certain kinds of luck and commitment to conduct aerial shooting. The nature plays a decisive role in getting the perfect shot. A photographer must be committed to his work and risk-taking is often vital. Cost is another concern. Therefore, having a highly secure and reliable storage for the images is crucial for my work. Ever since I bought the first Synology NAS server in 2007, I've been convinced with its reliability and stability. I'm very glad to find such secure storage solution for all my aerial photo collections. Chi Po-Lin, Aerial Photographer

The Company

Mr. Po-Lin Chi is a renowned photographer in Taiwan with 20 years of experience in aerial photography. His unique work has been focusing on the beautiful scenery and landscapes of Taiwan. To raise public awareness on global warming, Mr. Chi has participated in several documentary film productions. In addition to the personal studio, he has also started a company named "Above Taiwan Cinema," to handle the ever-increasing aerial shooting workload and data.

The Challenge

When Mr. Chi just started on aerial photography, secure data backup has always been his top priority. In the early days, Mr. Chi digitalized all photos and saved them onto external hard disks or compact discs to better manage data and enforce the protection. Even by doing so, occasional data losses caused by hard disk failure still haunts Mr. Chi. 

As the mainstream photography turned digital and technology advanced, to securely preserve the digitalized photos became a great challenge for photographers. Besides, the size of the high resolution photos can easily exceed 200 MB capacity. Each round of aerial photo shooting takes up 200 to 400 GB of storage space, the old backup method was unable to meet this demand. "External disks are not only unsafe but also insufficient in storage capacity," said Mr. Chi, "Even the most common large external disks available at the time (1TB) wasn't enough to contain all the photos accumulated over the years."

The Solution

Mr. Chi began to search for a solution. Through online research and comparison, along with friends' recommendation, he found that Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices perfectly fit into his needs. After careful consideration, he purchased his first Synology NAS server, Cube Station CS407e in 2007 and a second one, DS409, in 2009 as the ultimate photo storage. As times goes and photo files increase over time, Mr. Chi then purchased the high-end server from Synology, RackStation RS3412RPxs as the file and backup server.

Secure Storage Space

As a dedicated Synology NAS server user, Mr. Chi is very pleased with the backup capability and its stability as a storage server. "Every photographer, amateur or professional, all wish to preserve their works in the safest environment possible," Mr. Chi commented, "Synology NAS server is definitely the reliable and ideal storage center for my works."

Convenient Multi-Functional Server

Mr. Chi takes his current Synology NAS servers purely as storage servers. After a brief explanation by our staff, he discovered that the potential values a Synology NAS server can offer. For backup capability, the main demand from Mr. Chi, the Synology NAS server can offer reliable and time-saving scheduled backup. Once the schedule is set up, data on one Synology NAS server can be backed up automatically onto an external disk, another Synology NAS server or a Synology expansion unit* on a regular basis. This not only increases data security, but also spares him the time to perform backup manually.

By utilizing the full-featured FTP function on the Synology NAS server, the money Mr. Chi spent on renting FTP space from his Internet Service Provider (ISP) can be saved. The built-in privilege control allows only authorized clients to log in and access the photos stored on it, blocking all trespassers. The blog and online album features allow him to showcase his work with all kinds of options, relieving him of the bandwidth and space limits commonly set up by service providers.

"Most photographers only know how to shoot photos, and might not be familiar with data storage products like NAS," said Mr. Chi, "but these functions sound really easy and useful. You guys have to teach me more about them." Synology is confident that Mr. Chi is capable of fully utilizing all of these user-friendly functions into his data storage routine. We also believe that he will be truly satisfied with the increased efficiency and productivity provided by his Synology NAS server.

Quality Product and Customer Service

Mr. Chi is impressed with the product quality and the customer service provided by Synology. He commented, "compared with the other NAS product I have used, Synology NAS server wins over with reasonable price and the high reliability in years of operation. When I encounter any technical issue, Synology's Support Team is always there to solve my problems via remote connection directly. You can't ask for anything better than this!" Providing customers with easy-to-use products and quality customer service have always been Synology's ultimate goals. And it is for this reason, Mr. Chi recommends Synology NAS server to all photographers.

*Synology expansion units are only supported by specific Synology NAS server models.

Recommended Models

  • RS3412RPxs
  • RX1214RP × 2

Recommended Features

  • Highly scalable storage
  • Reliable operation performance
  • Quality customer service
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