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Presidential Broadcast Staff

It is important for us to back up our media files, especially during the 2015 APEC summit. Synology DiskStation DS1815+ meets our needs perfectly. After it's deployed, file transferring has become much easier than before. We've saved time on archiving, too. Albert Sales, IT Officer, Presidential Broadcast Staff Radio - Television Malacañang, the Philippines

The Company

PBS-RTVM (Presidential Broadcast Staff Radio - Television Malacañang) was established in 1976 as the official organization responsible for the television documentation and news syndication of all activities of the President of the Philippines. Its staff were heavily involved in the 2015 APEC CEO summit which brought together global business executives, economic leaders, and policy leaders once again to the country after almost two decades.

The Challenge

The significance of this summit and the needs for archiving videos for future reference made backing up media files of utmost importance. Previously, PBS-RTVM had backed up all their data to tapes. The rise of high definition videos, however, demanded a much larger storage space, while users' frequent FTP access to these files called for a higher data transfer speed.

Due to the nature of their work, PBS-RTVM's personnel travelled frequently to wherever an event took place to produce video coverage. They also coordinated with different government offices to update their programs as projects progressed, so during the APEC summit's packed schedule, the efficiency of collaboration became a prime concern. The new solution, therefore, should provide remote access and a quick and easy way for all individuals involved in the production process to upload recordings done on computers on-site or broadcast materials from other offices, and to edit and download in the PBS-RTVM office.

The Solution

To better prepare themselves for the 2015 APEC summit, PBS-RTVM decided to purchase a Synology DiskStation DS1815+. A powerful 8-bay NAS server, DS1815+ provided more than enough storage space for their video archives. Should the size and amount of data grow beyond that, it could be further expanded to up to 144TB of raw capacity by connecting with dedicated expansion units, making sure that the equipment would be able to handle even larger and higher-definition videos in the fast moving digital age.

DS1815+ featured four LAN ports whose bandwidth could be pulled together through link aggregation, boosting the speeds up to 4 times when their staff were transferring large video files in the network. The NAS served as iSCSI targets for other servers at PBS-RTVM as well as an FTP server for users to access footage, so the superior performance was also helpful in these respects.

Though coming with a versatile range of applications, DS1815+ remained user friendly to those at PBS-RTVM and at the government offices they worked with, many of whom doesn't have an IT background. During the 2015 APEC summit, it helped PBS-RTVM personnel transfer, view, manage, and store a tremendous amount of multimedia content generated from the events without receiving a single complaint. It has since made their work more efficient and effective. The overall productivity in the collaboration process was significantly increased, with great user satisfaction.

Recommended Models

  • DS1815+

Recommended Features

  • Large and scalable storage for high definition videos
  • Link Aggregation boosts data transfer speed
  • Versatile features such as FTP server and ISCSI support
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