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With customizable event linking rules, flexible privilege settings, and instant email or mobile notifications, Synology offers full-fledged surveillance management tools perfect for your home and business environment.

Automate different surveillance functions with Action Rule

Create action rules to perform specific actions automatically when a pre-defined event occurs, such as instructing a camera to patrol between different user defined preset positions, and providing status on surveillance system components. Learn more about Action Rule.

  • Create action rules corresponding to a pre-defined event.

  • When a pre-defined event occurs, specified actions will be triggered.

  • Actions can include PTZ patrolling, recording, enabling/disabling of cameras, and more.

Different access levels with flexible privilege settings

Assign spectators with monitor-only privilege settings, grant managers the authorization to manage camera and e-map, or set up privilege profiles for individual accounts.

  • Manager

    Allowed access to manage, operate, and view authorized objects, but restricted from managing system settings like User, License App.
  • Spectator

    Allowed access to operate and view authorized objects, but restricted from managing them.
  • Manager
  • Spectator
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Automatically sends notifications

Receive notification messages when the system status changes, errors occur, camera disconnects, or detecting events.


Support for clickatell and the other SMS service providers.


Support for Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, QQ and user define SMTP server.


Support for the push notification service of DS cam.