File syncing and sharing, your way

Get files where they need to be, without the middlemen or monthly fees

If you work or play on multiple devices during the week, or often collaborate with coworkers and clients on projects, then you’ll definitely need a good file sharing and syncing solution to keep your digital life organized. Synology NAS makes file sharing and syncing easy — while letting you maintain complete control of who sees what.

What is Synology NAS?

NAS (Network Attached Storage) is a storage device that connects to your home or office network and can include one or more hard drives. Files on the NAS can be accessed using a computer, tablet, or smartphone that is connected to your local network or even over the Internet. Synology develops the most intuitive and user-friendly NAS experience while offering tons of rich applications, allowing you to share and enjoy files and multimedia anywhere.

Share files at home, the office, or anywhere

Easily share files with family members or coworkers around the house, office, or anywhere, without worrying about size limitations or privacy concerns. Compatibility with all popular platforms and protocols — including Windows, macOS, and Linux — ensures files are shared quickly and conveniently, no matter the device. Share files using whatever protocol you want — SMB, AFP, NFS, iSCSI, FTP, and so on. See more videos

Effortlessly sync files with Cloud Station

For those who use different computers and devices during the day, Cloud Station synchronizes files on each device, meaning important files are available when you need them, no matter what device you’re using. By granting access to friends or coworkers, you can sync and share large files around the globe, making long-distance collaboration a breeze. Learn more

Take files on-the-go with DS cloud

Need to read that PDF on the bus? Or maybe add a critical number to that spreadsheet? DS cloud synchronizes selected folders on your Synology NAS, mobile phone, and tablet. That means you can view, open, or edit files anywhere. When working offline, modifications are saved and synchronized back to other devices automatically once you’re connected to the Internet again. Get DS cloud on Google Play or Apple App Store.

Share file links

Sometimes you need to share large files over the Internet – whether it’s home videos, audio projects, or massive amounts of documents. Simply send a download link to your friend or coworker, and they’ll be able to access the file or folder directly from your Synology NAS. Learn more

Explore files anywhere with DS file

When you need to access files on Synology NAS, but there’s no computer available, DS file lets you conveniently log in and explore or organize files using a smartphone or tablet. If you forget a file at home, simply grab it from anywhere with DS file.

Fine-tune access permissions

Rest assured your files are safe with security tools, such as 2-step verification, password strength enforcement, and others. Set precise file access permissions with Windows ACL support and make sure sensitive files are seen by the intended individual only. Learn more

Anywhere access with QuickConnect

Have you ever arrived at an important meeting and realized you forgot your presentation file? With QuickConnect’s beginner-friendly setup, you can access your Synology NAS from anywhere, as long as you’re connected to the Internet. Imagine having all your files at hand’s reach, no matter where you go. Learn more about using QuickConnect

Protect your precious files

RAID protects your files by creating redundant copies on one or more hard drives. That means, photos and files remain intact, even if one of the hard drives breaks. For those who are technologically-challenged, Synology Hybrid RAID provides a hassle-free RAID solution that optimizes storage capacity and redundancy when using hard drives of differing sizes. Learn about RAID.

Compare NAS and find the right model for you

Synology’s versatile and comprehensive range of products are designed to suit all occasions, meeting different industry demands and catering to specific individual needs. Find out which model is the best fit for you