Synology Virtual Machine Manager (VMM)
Synology Virtual Machine Manager (VMM)

Synology Virtual Machine Manager (VMM)

Set up and run Windows, Linux, or Virtual DSM virtual machines to test software within the safety of a sandboxed environment or complement your disaster recovery plan.

A complete virtualization platform

Synology VMM lets you build a cost-effective and easily managed virtualization environment by combining computing, storage, and networking resources on a single hardware platform.

A complete virtualization platform

Multi-platform support

Run Windows or Linux-based virtual machines, or set up a virtualized version of DiskStation Manager (DSM), the intuitive operating system for Synology NAS. Learn more

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Virtualize your systems

Run virtualized versions of your systems to protect your host without sacrificing functionality.

Protect your physical IT environment against malicious attacks. Perform staging and testing in a sandbox to avoid affecting your host.

Sandbox applications

Take full advantage of DSM's applications and management tools on your virtualized systems.

Virtualize DSM

Set up virtual machines to provide different business units with applications for short term use with minimal maintenance.

Multi-tenant environments

Secure your digital assets

Minimize service downtime with instant snapshots, remote replication, and Synology VMM High Availability.*

Virtual machine protection plans

Virtual machine protection plans

Restore virtual machine snapshots or run them directly on Synology VMM to roll back human errors or recover from hardware failures.

Integration with Active Backup for Business (ABB)

Integration with Active Backup for Business (ABB)

Run failover copies of virtual machines, PCs, and servers created with Active Backup for Business. Learn more

Flexible IT management

Easily allocate computing power, storage space, and network interfaces between virtual machines as requirements change.

Cluster up to seven Synology servers and flexibly allocate resources among virtual machines to balance loads or respond to changing requirements.

Server clustering

Use Live Migration to move running virtual machines from one Synology NAS to another without restarting or disrupting applications.

Quick migration

Share graphic access to virtual machines with password-protected, limited-validity links that can easily be shared through email or chat.

Sharing access

Learn more about Synology's virtualization architecture

Download the free white paper to discover what you can do with Synology VMM.

Learn more about Synology's virtualization architecture

Achieve more with Synology VMM Pro

Access advanced clustering features including Live Migration and High Availability on up to 7 connected Synology NAS.

Synology VMMSynology VMM Pro
Cluster Management
Snapshot Retention32255
Remote Replication*-
Remote Storage Migration*-
High Availability-
Live Migration-

* These features are only available on DSM 6.2 or above.

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