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Active Backup for Business

Simplify the complicated. Consolidate data protection.

The backup and recovery appliance that helps maintain business service uptime

With Synology Active Backup for Business, IT can now manage and back up the data scattered on physical devices and virtual machines. Should a disaster strike, service can be instantly recovered on the production site or Synology NAS to help companies achieve business continuity.

The top three pain points can be solved at once.

Working overtime due to a service outage? Suffering from time-consuming deployments or slow backup time? Concerned about storage usage? With Active Backup for Business, say goodbye to all those pain points.

Have no fear and gain peace of mind.

Service downtime hurts and may be detrimental to revenue and brand reputation. Active Backup for Business gives you the confidence to bring data, applications, and services back in a short time to achieve business continuity.

Hassle-free efficiency

Full data protection and backup efficiency should not be a trade-off, but a given. Active Backup for Business enables you to greatly reduce backup time and enhance storage usage efficiency while achieving full data protection.

Work faster with light-touch deployment

You don't need troublesome deployment processes anymore. A NAS and installation within a few clicks is all you need for Active Backup for Business to start working behind the scene.

Fear license fee no more

Choose a compatible Synology NAS that fits your backup capacity planning, no matter how many computers, servers, or virtual machines you back up – completely free of software licenses.

Smarter IT

Keep alert of anything unusual.

  • Centralized management console

    Monitor all backup tasks and failure alerts and gain detailed information through DSM notifications.
  • Scheduled report

    Generate a report based on your policy and see it in your inbox, letting you quickly see backup status without logging into your NAS.
  • Centralized management console
  • Scheduled report
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Everything on everyone’s PC gets protected

Both employees and their work product are the most valuable assets of a business, and neither should be left unprotected. Active Backup for Business saves employee intellectual assets and the time restoring them when needed, while helping to avoid excessive deployment times and additional costs for the business.

Pain points solved and needs satisfied

Highly scalable deployment
Fast backup that supports resume mechanisms
Efficient ways to get data back
  • Starting from a blank slate is always the hardest. To lower the threshold of deploying multiple PCs from the scratch, the Active Backup for Business agent is designed to be highly-scalable with the capability of mass installation leveraging Microsoft Active Directory. Active Backup for Business also provides template settings for admins to design desired policies in advance, so backup tasks can be created according to the policy and begin protecting the device once connected.

  • The problem with modern computing is that employees relocate and shutdown computers before reaching the scheduled backup time. By leveraging resume mechanisms and the Microsoft VSS snapshot service, you can rest assured that no backup task is missed, while providing everyone with the greatest work flexibility. Microsoft VSS enables changed block tracking so the backup time can be dramatically shortened without limiting this mobility.

  • Without bothering admins or interrupting productivity, a restore portal accessible through the agent can be enabled for end-users to have instant, self-service file or folder recovery. Reusable recovery media is also supported for bare-metal recovery if the computer crashed.

Requirements and supported systems

Supported PC version

  • Windows 10 Creators Update
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 7 SP1

  • Get the best of both virtual and physical worlds

    Fully protect your data and services on physical servers running Microsoft Windows. With Instant Restore, you can migrate your services to VMware vSphere and Synology VMM in the event of unexpected interruptions.

    Pain points solved and needs satisfied

    Highly efficient backup experience
    Versatile ways of restoring
    Risk management
    Administer with ease
    • Technology based on Microsoft's snapshot service, Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS), enables Changed Block Tracking which identifies and transfers only the changed blocks to save time and resources on backup.

    • To quickly and accurately restore workloads on Microsoft Windows servers after a disaster is the main purpose of backing them up. To ensure the recovery can be done within the shortest time frame, other than full backup, it is supported to instantly boot the backed up version on VMware or Synology Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) to recover your service. A dedicated restore portal is also available for instant file and folder recovery.

    • Even though everything seems on track when in service, once a server gets restarted, that is when existing errors reveal themselves. To make sure every problem can be discovered and the version is fully restorable, ahead of real restoration, the image will be sent to VMM for a dry run mocking the restart of the server. The results will be recorded and displayed in a form of video playing on split-screen monitors, where IT admins can easily spot the blue screen of death and troubleshoot the degradated versions even before the trouble takes place.

    • As part of the all-in-one solution, admins enjoy the simplicity of monitoring and managing all backups in a centralized dashboard, minimizing the effort needed to maintain the service.

    Requirements and supported systems

    Supported physical Windows server

  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Windows Server 2012
  • Windows Server 2008 R2

  • Protecting business file servers without the need for an agent

    File servers implementing common protocols like SMB and rsync are under our purview. With simplified setup, Active Backup for Business reduces management costs for IT admins as all of the important information you need has been centralized to one dashboard, and one DSM.

    Simple deployment with agentless backup

    As an agentless backup solution, file servers can be actively protected while free from client performance degradation or incompatibility.

    Agentless backup

    Back up files on a daily basis, without having to install complicated and costly agents on source servers or worry about affecting client performance and agent compatibility.

    Flexible backup schedule

    File server backup supports flexible schedule options from hourly to daily on the days you wish to back up to fit with specific protection policies.

    Flexible backup mode

    Multi-versioned, mirroring, and incremental modes are provided to meet most frequently required backup needs.

    Multi-versioned mode

    Offers multiple recovery points by creating a new version for each backup run, allowing you to easily recover files from any previous point in time.

    Mirroring mode

    Suitable for users that need only the most updated version of their files, as it overwrites the backup on the target based on the changes made on the source.

    Incremental mode

    It can be used for archival purposes, as the backup will be overwritten by the newly added and modified files, while keeping the deleted files on the target.

    DSM integration

    Leveraging the maturity of DSM technologies and supporting encryption as well as Btrfs, Active Backup for Business can greatly enhance data security and storage efficiency.

    • Encryption

      The encryption feature ensures that the data stored in shared folders are strictly confidential as no users can access the content without your private key.
    • Btrfs-ready

      For data stored in Btrfs volumes, compression can minimize storage consumption, while data scrubbing can correct major memory and storage errors.

    Supports SMB and rsync

    SMB and rsync protocols are supported in file server backup

    An SMB server

    SMB is used to transfer files from Windows file servers to your Synology NAS. Taking advantage of FSRVP (File Server Remote VSS Protocol) integration, the consistency of your backup is ensured. In addition to file backup, Windows ACL can also be backed up, letting you easily restore files and access control at the same time.

    An rsync server

    The rsync protocol is used to transfer files from servers to your Synology NAS. Taking advantage of rsync, you can enable block-level transfer, encryption, compression, and bandwidth control, enjoying safe and efficient transfers. In addition to file backup, Linux POSIX ACL can also be backed up.

    Hassle-free deployment and RTO in seconds

    With Active Backup for Business, all of your business workloads on your virtual machines can be protected. Without installing an agent on the virtual infrastructure, all you need to do is connect to VMware vSphere and create a backup task and instantly restore virtual machines to VMware or Synology NAS to achieve RTO in seconds.

    In the event of disaster or service downtime, you can instantly restore a virtual machine on a production site or to Synology Virtual Machine Manager, with a single click.

    You can easily connect to your vSphere host without installing an agent on your infrastructure and create a backup task to easily start protecting your virtual machines.

    1. In the event of disaster or service downtime, you can instantly restore a virtual machine on a production site or to Synology Virtual Machine Manager, with a single click.
    2. You can easily connect to your vSphere host without installing an agent on your infrastructure and create a backup task to easily start protecting your virtual machines.

    Pain points solved and needs satisfied

    Minimize service downtime
    Maximize backup efficiency
    Painless deployment
    • Instant Restore to VMware

      Instant Restore to VMware brings your service back within seconds.

      Integration with Synology VMM

      Integrate with Synology Virtual Machine Manager to replicate a production environment for a temporary disaster site.

      Multiple recovery methods

      Find the best fit for your scenario with granular recovery for a single file and full VM recovery.

    • Changed Block Tracking

      Integrate with VMware Changed Block Tracking (CBT) technology to perform incremental backups instead of a full backup every time.

      Global deduplication

      Built-in global deduplication greatly reduces storage consumption across devices, platforms, and versions.

      Backup reliability

      Ensure backup reliability through live video and save time on manual validation.

    • Agentless backup

      Agentless backup protects your virtual workloads without a troublesome installation.

      Hardware-integrated solution

      The integration of software and storage servers saves you from additional deployment process.

    Requirements and supported systems

    Supported VMware vSphere versions

    5.0, 5.1, 5.5, 6.0, 6.5

    Supported VMware editions

    • VMware free ESXi *
    • VMware vSphere Essentials, VMware vSphere Essentials Plus
    • VMware vSphere Standard, VMware vSphere Advanced
    • VMware vSphere Enterprise, VMware vSphere Enterprise Plus

    * For VMware free ESXi, users will need to enable the SSH port to perform virtual machine backup.

    Supported operating systems on Synology VMM

    If you want to run the backed up device on Synology Virtual Machine Manager (VMM), only specific operating systems can be supported. Please refer to this article for more information.

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