DiskStation Manager 7.0.1

A streamlined user experience, enhanced login security, flexible cloud storage, and system monitoring in the cloud meet better and faster storage technologies. DSM 7.0.1 features improvements across the board for the best Synology NAS experience yet.

  • Storage Technologies

    Storage Technologies

    Fresh design, better performance, and more safeguards

  • Active Insight

    Active Insight

    Cloud-hosted performance monitoring and early warnings

  • User & Security

    User & Security

    More powerful domain, system, and authentication solutions

  • Sharing & Collaboration

    Sharing & Collaboration

    File server with powerful new admin capabilities

  • Synology Photos

    Synology Photos

    Advanced filtering and folder management in a fresh layout

  • Hybrid Share

    Hybrid Share

    Combine on-premises and cloud storage with Synology C2

  • SAN Solutions

    SAN Solutions

    Efficiently manage iSCSI and Fibre Channel SAN

  • Backup Solutions

    Backup Solutions

    Protect more devices, online services, and packages

Focus on reliability and performance

A brand-new Storage Manager, new performance optimization features, and more safeguards against data degradation.

Enhanced storage management

Easily create storage pools and solve problems with visualized relationships between storage pools, volumes, and SSD caches.


Enhanced storage management

Easily create storage pools and solve problems with visualized relationships between storage pools, volumes, and SSD caches.


Advanced drive replacement

Automatically replace a drive when it reaches critical or failing status. Seamlessly switch to a cloned drive after manually replacing a drive, without ever degrading the storage pool.


Safe and versatile SSD cache

Store all your Btrfs metadata in SSD cache to speed up file access and search, with lower SSD cache degradation risk thanks to higher SSD cache write-back speeds.

Up to


faster SSD cache write-back

Flash volume deduplicationNew in 7.0.1

Remove duplicate data on all-flash arrays1 with volume-wide deduplication to greatly increase storage efficiency.


Active Insight

Manage Synology NAS across locations with a performance monitoring and automated warning system hosted in the cloud.

Centralized monitoring

View system health indicators for all devices under your Synology Account in one unified portal.


Proactive detection

Receive notifications whenever Active Insight detects anomalies, with useful recommendations to minimize system downtime.


Highly customizable

Choose from tens of performance metrics, customize your dashboard, and send custom notifications to any user.


Expedited supportNew in 7.0.1

Speed up resolution of technical issues by having system logs automatically attached when submitting a support ticket.


User management and security

Powerful domain, system, and identity management features help you guard and maintain your IT setup as your business or project grows.

Secondary domain controller

Make your Synology Directory Server robust and highly available by adding a secondary domain controller. Keep a backup directory server ready to take over in case of unexpected service disruptions and use the added capacity for load-balancing purposes.

Delegate admin tasks

DSM 7.0 introduces administrative role delegation, allowing admins to delegate preconfigured roles to other users and reduce their management workload.


Guard your identity

All-new Synology Secure SignIn offers more login methods, app-based login approval, hardware security keys, and more 2-factor authentication options. Protecting account security has never been easier. Watch Video


Secure file sharing and collaboration

Synology Drive's enhanced security and management features help admins keep track of users, permissions, and data.

Maintain a full overview of file activities

Track file share settings changes with detailed records by user, client type, IP tracking. Control all operations from the advanced Synology Drive Admin Console.


Share files safely with granular permissions

Keep file sharing secure by granting sharing permissions to select users or groups. Force users to set passwords or expiration dates to tighten security when sharing files.


Monitor and manage storage with use analysis

Stay ahead of use trends and manage your storage before it hits the limit with Synology Drive Server usage calculation.


All your memories in one place

New Synology Photos combines the functions you trust with powerful new features in a beautiful new layout.

The best of Photo Station and Moments

Seamlessly switch between browsing methods. Manage your photos chronologically or according to folder structure.

Intuitive image search and sharing

Filter extensive photo collections by date, camera model, lens, and other parameters. Create albums with fine permission settings to safely share your content.


Refreshed app for backup and sharing

Back up photos from mobile devices more efficiently, enjoy easier browsing, and display your collections via Chromecast or AirPlay.


The power of NAS, the reach of the cloud

Synology Hybrid Share stores shared data in the cloud and retains frequently used data in a local cache for fast and low-latency access. Combine the speed of on-premises Synology NAS with the scalability of Synology C2 Storage.


Multi-site file access

Instantly sync cloud-managed data to multiple Synology NAS and access files as if they were locally stored, reducing on-premises storage footprint, network use, and costs.


Instant data recovery

Mount a Hybrid Share folder to any Synology NAS and gain instant access to your data on Synology C2 Storage. No need to wait for a data recovery or migration process to finish.

New and evolved SAN solutions

Efficiently build and administrate iSCSI and Fibre Channel SAN with our most comprehensive and effective virtualization storage proposition yet.

New Fibre Channel supportNew in 7.0.1

Easily build or expand Fibre Channel SAN environments with compatible Synology storage. Specially designed for SAN environments, the Fibre Channel protocol brings high availability and low latency to mission-critical storage networks.2


Synology CSI Driver for KubernetesNew in 7.0.1

Provision and manage Kubernetes container storage without touching your Synology NAS, with support for volume and snapshot management, and seamless capacity expansion directly from the K8s command line.


More protection, faster recovery

Our top backup applications now let you protect more devices, online services, and DSM applications — and offer more ways to keep your backups safe.


Active Backup for Business

Expand your protection with new agent-based Linux backup for five major distributions. Keep your data safe with AES-256 encryption of all your backups.

synology-icon synology-icon

Active Backup for Microsoft 365
Active Backup for Google Workspace

Maintain offsite copies and restart backup tasks in another location with the new relinking feature. Fully protect Microsoft Groups and restore entire mailboxes.


Hyper Backup

Protect your Synology NAS with new backup support for more DSM settings and twelve additional Synology software packages.

Install it on your NAS

Upgrade to our all-new operating system and discover a world of new features.3


  1. Flash volume deduplication is supported on specific models and system configurations only: https://sy.to/dedupe

  2. Fibre Channel support is limited to select models and configurations. Please check SAN Manager's software specifications for the details.

  3. Before upgrading, please review the release notes for important information about deprecated or removed features and add-on packages, and make sure to back up any important data.