Surveillance Station 9.1

Supercharged monitoring with simpler deployment options and expanded AI-powered capabilities. Meet the most advanced and secure surveillance solution designed for your Synology system.

Simply better

Keep your on-prem security in check with a refreshed interface that has been reengineered to be more flexible and customizable to fit any deployment.

Faster together

Faster together

Monitor feeds in real time and seamlessly scrub through the timeline in the same interface.

Flexible layout

Flexible layout

Drag and drop, resize, and even swap video feeds freely to create a monitoring dashboard that fits your needs.

I/O widgets

I/O widgets

Move essential controls to your dashboard to initiate actions such as activating sirens and speakers or (un)locking doors.

Expanded monitoring

Expanded monitoring

New license plate recognition capabilities for DVA Series NVRs expand the ways you can improve your on-premises security. Learn more

Easier to scale up

Get your deployment, no matter the size, up and running in no time and manage it effectively and easily with new features designed to save you time.

Assisted camera deployment

Start protecting large deployments more quickly with faster camera importing and onboarding wizards.

Find and add cameras
Import by batch
Copy settings

Watch over everything

Know at a glance where cameras are placed, events are triggered, and more with a redesigned multi-floor and multi-site map view.

Multi-location alerts

Preview triggered events directly on the map with automatic zoom features to bring the most important views into focus.

Multi-floor layouts

Group floor plans together for a clearer understanding of where cameras are located and events happen.

Online map integration

Directly overlay your cameras and on-prem layouts onto Google Maps or OpenStreetMap for better situational awareness even across multiple or larger sites.

Stay up to date

Keep your systems updated with expanded centralized management options for both intranet-only or internet-enabled deployments.

Security and privacy hardening

Tighten security and better comply with evolving data protection and privacy requirements.

Encrypted recordings

Encrypted recordings

Lock recordings away with a separate encryption key, protecting them from unauthorized access even if the NAS or administrative credentials are compromised.

Privacy masking and watermarks

Privacy masking and watermarks

Block out sensitive areas from being recorded and apply watermarks directly onto live feeds to deter and track unauthorized recording.

Secure the unseen

Secure the unseen

Supports newer HTTPS and SRTP-enabled IP cameras for improved network security and privacy.

Recording to the cloud

Safeguard critical footage by dual recording to C2 Backup for Surveillance. End-to-end encryption and a streaming architecture designed for low latency enable site administrators to retrieve and playback footage even if the server is stolen or destroyed.



  1. License plate recognition is only available in select countries. Please check here for a list of countries supporting it.

  2. Features described here are available on DVA series models only.