Upgrade from Your Apple AirPort Routers

Upgrade from Your Apple AirPort Routers

Four years since last AirPort release, you might now be considering to replace your AirPort Extreme or Time Capsule by the latest Wi-Fi gears. See what you should care about and what Synology Router offers.

Engineered for performance

Top of SmallNetBuilder’s AC Router Ranker1, Synology Router brings your online gaming, 4K streaming, and file transfers to a whole new level.

Synology RT2600ac

Top-notch performance for gamers and businesses


combined wireless bandwidth


dual WAN combined bandwidth2



Synology RT1900ac

Ideal companion for your home network


combined wireless bandwidth


dual WAN combined bandwidth



Throughput & Range Compared

See how the performances of Synology RT2600ac and RT1900ac are compared to that of AirPort Extreme based on tests in Synology simulated environment.3

  • compared_03
  • compared_04
  • compared_02

    A representation of the routers' relative range based on throughput vs. attenuation tests.

  • compared_01

    A representation of the routers' relative range based on throughput vs. attenuation tests.

Extend Coverage with Existing AirPorts

If you are already using multiple AirPorts to cover a large home with wireless signals, you can connect them with Synology Router to create an extended network. Devices will be able to roam between Synology Router and AirPorts4, and centrally controlled from SRM.

STEP Wire your AirPort to Synology Router
STEP Set the AirPort to Bridge Mode
STEP Use the same SSID, password, and security level on all routers

Setup in minutes

Whether it is done on your smartphone or computer, setting up Synology Router is a breeze. You can get your network up and running within just a few taps.

Parental Control Made Easy

Customize your own Internet access policy for any family members, monitor the websites your kids are browsing, and have clear visibility of your network from regular traffic reports.

  • Time Schedule

    Automatically turn off Internet for any devices during homework time and bedtime.
  • Internet Filtering

    Protect your kids with customized web filters and SafeSearch.
  • Traffic Monitor

    See how much data a device has used and on which applications. Apply speed limits when necessary.
  • Easy Guest Access

    Turn on guest Wi-Fi when you have somebody over. Set up default policy for any newly connected devices.

Your Family Storage

Plug in an external hard drive or SD card to Synology Router, and allow all in your network to share the storage space and access content stored on it.

Time Machine Backup

Time Machine Backup

All family members can use Apple Time Machine to back up their computers whenever they are connected to the router's network ─ just like what you have been doing with your Time Capsule.

Access Your Files from Anywhere

Access Your Files from Anywhere

Retrieve files over the Internet, sync them across multiple computers and mobile devices, use the router as media server to stream music and videos, or set up download tasks to automatically get what you want from the Internet. Get the most out of the connected storage.

Advanced Functionality Made Available to Homes

Unlike most home routers on the market, Synology Router offers a comprehensive feature set at your disposal ─ things that were once only available to business-level products.

  • Application QoS

    Prioritize critical VoIP services or Xbox gaming, while throttling bandwidth hogs like BitTorrent downloads for specific devices.
  • Fast, Easy-to-Use VPN

    Use SSL VPN to gain secure, high-speed remote access to your private network. Its minimal setup allows even non-technical users to connect effortlessly.5 6
  • Stay Protected

    Set Synology Router to auto-update SRM to safeguard it from emerging cyber threats. Intrusion Prevention can further inspect all incoming traffic and identify malicious activities in real-time.
  • Application QoS
  • Fast, Easy-to-Use VPN
  • Stay Protected
  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3


  1. RT2600ac in February 2017.
  2. Two or more connections must be established.
  3. Tested in an octoBox anechoic chamber using a 2x2 client and IxChariot as the test program. Actual data throughput and range may vary under different network conditions and environments.
  4. The precise roaming behavior is controlled by client devices. Some clients might experience a short connection drop or be "sticky" to an existing AP.
  5. Synology SSL VPN is compatible with multiple operation systems, including Windows, macOS, Ubuntu, iOS, and Android.
  6. Access for one concurrent account is available for free for selected VPN features: Synology SSL VPN, WebVPN, and SSTP. Client VPN Access License is available to add more concurrent accounts.  Functions including L2TP/IPsec, OpenVPN, PPTP, and management features are available without additional charge.
  7. AirPort, AirPort Extreme, AirPort Time Capsule, and Time Machine are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.