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Convenient Wireless Control

Convenient Wireless Control

Designed for home and office usage, SRM presents not only convenient but comprehensive functionality on wireless controls.

Smart Connect

Not sure whether 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz bands give your device the best wireless signal and speed? With Synology's Smart Connect, devices are connected to the most appropriate band automatically, letting users experience simplified management without worrying about range or speed issues.

Extending Indoor Coverage

Synology RT2600ac supports Wireless Distributed System (WDS), a unique solution to expand wireless coverage. Easily team up multiple Synology routers to obtain high-speed and extended coverage while reducing indoor wiring costs.

Easy Wi-Fi with Flexible Management

SRM provides a comprehensive list of wireless functionality to allow for flexibility in deployment and management.

Guest Network

Dual band guest networks to allow temporary visitors to connect to the Internet, while restricting them from accessing local sensitive resources.

MAC Filter & AP Isolation

Black/white list of MAC addresses for Wi-Fi/Guest network, and isolation of individual wireless devices connected to the same wireless band to enhance network security.

Wi-Fi Scheduling & Power Control

Dual band wireless scheduling and reducible transmit power to satisfy individual's resource planning.

WPS & Multiple Encryption support

Enjoy easy Wi-Fi setup through WPS, and then achieve secure transmission with rich encryption options, such as WPA2-Enterpise.