Complete Connectivity Management

SRM provides easy-to-use but powerful connectivity management tools to ensure smooth operation for your network.

Smart WAN

Provides you two operation modes, Failover and Load Balancing, to meet your home/office requirements with advanced setting flexibility to investigate the best setup for your environment.

  • Failover & Failback

    Automatic and instantaneous transfer of network traffic to the secondary interface if the primary fails; once recovered, switching back to the primary.
  • Load Balancing

    Distribute network traffic across different interfaces for increased bandwidth.
  • Policy Route

    Control the flow of individual device's traffic through a certain interface.
  • Failover & Failback
  • Load Balancing
  • Policy Route
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IPTV & VoIP Support

Supports forwarding ISP-tagged traffic from/to subordinate IPTV or VoIP devices with a graphical easy setup interface.

  • 3 modes to choose for setup according to your ISP requirement

  • Built-in data base of ISP profiles.

  • Multiple VLAN tag (VID) support for distinguishing traffics inside your local networks.

Comprehensive Network Access Solutions

With complete Internet/intranet access support, SRM implements smooth remote management capability and private network control.

Anywhere Access with QuickConnect

Easily access your Synology Router without having to remember its IP address. Learn more

LAN Management

A complete local network management solution:

  • Port Forwarding
  • Port Triggering
  • Static Route
  • DMZ

IPv4/IPv6 Dual Stack

Support for both Internet & local network access with IPv4/IPv6 addresses.