Site-to-Site VPN License

Register free Synology Site-to-Site VPN licenses to activate the Site-to-Site VPN feature in VPN Plus Server. Site-to-Site VPN lets companies and organizations establish encrypted tunnels over the internet between the networks in different locations to share data and resources securely.


Registering a free Site-to-Site VPN license

Each free license enables Site-to-Site VPN for one Synology product that supports VPN Plus. Licenses are permanently valid upon activation. Once the feature is activated, you can set up as many Site-to-Site VPN tunnels as your product’s specifications allow.

Once activated, Site-to-Site VPN licenses cannot be migrated to another Synology product.

How to activate your free license

Log in to Synology Router Manager (SRM) as administrator, go to VPN Plus Server > License > Site-to-Site VPN, and click Add License. A wizard will guide you through the activation procedure. An active internet connection is required throughout the process.

Each license key can be activated on only one Synology product supporting VPN Plus.

Synology Account

A Synology Account is required for activating and using a Site-to-Site VPN License. The information and status of the activated license will be synced with your Synology Account.

If you sign out of Synology Account on your Synology product, the licenses will be temporarily suspended until your next login.

VPN Plus Features

Learn more about all VPN Plus features  here.

Maximum number of concurrent connections

Device Model Maximum Site-to-Site VPN Tunnels
RT6600ax 20
WRX560 10
RT2600ac 10
MR2200ac 4
RT1900ac 4