Video Station

Video Station helps you manage all the movies, TV shows, and home videos on your Synology NAS. Moreover, it can stream videos to various devices — computers, smartphones, media players, and TVs — to provide you with non-stop, fun watching experience.

Watch Everywhere

Have non-stop fun watching videos through computers, mobile devices, and digital TVs.

  • On TVs

    Stream videos to Apple TV, Android TV, Samsung TV, Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, and DLNA devices.

  • On the go

    Stream or download videos to Android and iOS devices.

  • On computers

    Play videos with various browsers.

Get Posters, Subtitles, and More

Get Posters, Subtitles, and More

Enrich your video collection with posters, subtitles, and further video details.

Video information

Auto-download video posters and information from online databases.


Search and sync subtitles automatically based on personal settings.

Customize Sharing Policies

Share videos with customized policies to protect your digital privacy.

Public sharing

Share videos via a public-sharing link with customized validity.

Account users

Regulate account users' access to specific video libraries by username.

Parental control

Allow special access to restricted videos with a 4-digit PIN code.

Explore Personal Libraries

Let's explore your growing video libraries for more videos and fun.

  • Advanced search filters

    Refine video search with filters like cast, director, watched status, and more.
  • Recommended videos

    Find more recommended videos on the homepage according to your personal preferences.
  • Related videos

    Find more videos similar in genres, release dates, and other attributes.
  • Advanced search filters
  • Recommended videos
  • Related videos
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Jot down ideas on the go

Jot down ideas on the go

DS video is available for iOS and Android users, for free. You can download the apps through App Store or Google Play.

Media Server

Media Server is a powerful multimedia package that can stream videos on your Synology NAS into a DLNA-compatible format. With this package, you can stream videos directly to DLNA devices in the same local network, without installing any app or device on them.