Hyper Backup Hyper Backup Back up folders, system settings, and software packages from your Synology system to a wide range of destinations. Clone full systems with bare-metal restoration or retrieve select data with file-level recovery.
Extensive backup destinations Back up your Synology system to local volumes, external devices, other Synology systems, rsync servers, or public cloud services such as Google Drive, S3 storage, and C2 Storage.
Flexible backups Keep your backup plans as simple as possible with powerful customization features in Hyper Backup. Backup scheduling Automate backups for optimal data protection and convenience. Optimize backup schedules to balance data protection and resource usage. Multi-versioning Retain multiple backup versions while reducing storage use with block-level incremental backup and deduplication. Configurable rotation policies allow for automated deletion of older backups. Flexible scope Protect individual folders, packages, LUNs, or full systems with custom rotation, scheduling, destinations, and other backup policies.
Efficient and reliable Advanced options help you boost the security and effectiveness of your backups. Deduplication Minimize storage consumption and backup times by removing duplicate copies of data. Encryption and compression Industry-standard AES-256 encryption protects data against unauthorized access. Compression reduces outbound traffic and storage use. Usage statistics Track monthly or annual storage usage, and get alerted when the system detects excessive usage. Integrity checks Schedule checks to detect corrupted data and ensure that your backups are accessible when you need them. Pause and resume backups When tasks are interrupted by power failures or network issues, they can be paused and resumed.
Combine with the cloud Hyper Backup is complemented by the advanced web-based features of C2 Storage to enhance the efficiency and reliability of your backups. Deduplication Spend less time waiting for your backups to be completed and reduce storage consumption with built-in deduplication technology. Safe and secure Your backups are protected by client-side AES-256 encryption and you can choose between data residency in Germany or the United States.
C2 Storage
Flexible recovery Backups can be accessed through web-based platforms or by using the Hyper Backup Explorer desktop client. Web-based access Access backups without special tools. Simply use File Station or the C2 Storage portal to view and recover backups from your browser, depending on the backup destination. Hyper Backup Explorer Browse and download local backups to NAS and remote backups to C2 Storage from Windows, macOS, Ubuntu, and Fedora systems.
Centralized destination Download Hyper Backup Vault to turn your NAS into a backup destination for other NAS, and monitor storage use and backup efficiency.