Hyper Backup

Ensuring data safety on your Synology NAS requires a reliable backup plan. With Hyper Backup, retrieving data from multiple recovery points with minimized storage consumption is never a big challenge.

Comprehensive backup destination

Your backup destination can be a local shared folder, an external device, another Synology NAS, an rsync server, or a public cloud service like Google Drive, Amazon Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft Azure, S3-compatible storage, and Synology C2, a cloud backup service dedicated to Synology users.

Flexible backup plan

Hyper Backup includes a rich feature set to meet your needs, making your backup plan as simple yet powerful as possible.

Schedulable backup tasks

The best backup strategy requires the least effort. Schedule your backup task to run automatically or repeat on a preferred schedule.

Multi-version backup

Block-level incremental backup drastically reduces the storage required for multi-version backup while keeping as many recovery points as your data might need.

Flexible backup rotation

Customize your own policy to rotate backups or simply enable Smart Recycle to delete older, unnecessary backups automatically.

Data processing, efficient and reliable

Using advanced data processing technologies, you can optimize storage efficiency, safeguard important data, and even monitor backup status to ensure the availability of your backups.

Data deduplication

Data deduplication applies to cross-version backups as well as files that are simply renamed or duplicated, thereby saving space and consuming less time and money.

Data encryption and compression

Military-grade AES-256 and RSA-2048 encryption technologies protect data from illicit access. Compression reduces outbound traffic and storage consumption.

Usage Statistics

Track storage usage statistics with adjustable time scale and define a threshold value to alert you to abnormal storage usage via email.

Integrity check

With data and index integrity check, data corruption can be detected in previous backup versions, enhancing backup and restoration availability. For your further convenience, you can schedule an integrity check to run at a specific time and limit the operation time. The unfinished task will resume at the next scheduled time. 

Pause and resume your backup tasks

Backup tasks may be suspended for reasons like power failure or network disconnection. With a simple click of the mouse, you can now resume a suspended backup task from the interrupted time point instead of all the way from the beginning. You can also pause and resume a task manually according to your needs.

Continuous access to your precious data

Upon disasters, you can browse through previous backups with File Station in DSM or via a standard file protocol (e.g. AFP or SMB). Even without Synology NAS, using the desktop tool Hyper Backup Explorer, you can retrieve backups from a Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, and Fedora computer.

AFP and SMB protocol

Hyper Backup Explorer

Backups can be accessed on Mac computers using the AFP protocol via Mac OS Finder or on Windows computers using the SMB protocol via Windows File Explorer, saving the effort of logging in to a DSM interface.

Simply install a Hyper Backup Explorer, users can browse and restore backups from the intuitive interface, enhancing the efficiency.

Transform your Synology NAS into a centralized backup monitoring system

The independent package Hyper Backup Vault allows administrators to examine all repositories from different backup clients and monitor the storage consumption and backup history of each task.