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Active Backup for G Suite

As a growing number of businesses are relying on G Suite to enhance collaboration efficiency, Active Backup for G Suite is introduced to provide an on-premise backup solution for protecting against malicious and accidental deletion, thereby ensuring complete control over employee data.

Take control of your business data cost-effectively

By going through a simple setup process, businesses can easily back up files stored on various G Suite drives to Synology NAS without configuring tasks one by one or relying on costly cloud-based backup solutions. 

Protect your My Drives and Team Drives 

With Active Backup for G Suite, valuable business assets created and stored on My Drives and Team Drives are thoroughly protected, and the risk of data loss is minimized. 

Comprehensive file backup

Files, file sharing permission and corresponding metadata including last modified time, folder color, and file description stored on My Drives, Team Drives and Google online applications such as Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and Drawings can all be backed up.

Effortless and flexible restoration 

Data, metadata, and sharing permission* stored on My Drives can be restored to the original or any other account under the domain, while Team Drive data can be restored to any user’s My Drive or Team Drive, allowing participants who share the drives to collaborate on the restored data directly without additional settings required, which is perfect for streamlining office collaboration.

**Please refer to the  Help  article for limitations on sharing permission restoration. 

Easy management

Active Backup for G Suite allows businesses to back up My Drives and Team Drives of multiple domains and manage backups with its all-around features, thus maximizing IT admins' management efficiency. 

  • Centralized dashboard 

    A clear overview that enables IT admins to monitor real-time protection of My Drives and Team Drives on G Suite, backup status, storage consumption, and historical transmission at a glance.
  • Account discovery

    With the account discovery feature enabled, newly-created users will be automatically detected and selected for backup, which minimizes the possibility of leaving out any employee.
  • Team Drive discovery

    With the Team Drive discovery feature enabled, newly-created Team Drives will be automatically detected and selected for backup, which saves drive owners the trouble of manual setup. 

Your NAS, your control

Businesses can enable continuous backup to minimize the risk of data loss while flexibly preserving backup versions according to the time period set for file retention.

Continuous backup 

Continuous backup allows businesses to back up users continuously, thereby minimizing the risk of data loss. 

Flexible file versioning 

If changes are made, files will be backed up. When a backed-up file is updated to a new version, its previous version will be preserved for the period of time you set for file retention, so that at least the previous version will be available for restoration.

Storage efficiency 

Synology's advanced storage technologies enable businesses to keep the most data while using the least storage space. 

  • Single instancing 

    With single instancing, files that contain identical content will only be transferred to and stored on Synology NAS once, which helps save network and storage space.
  • Block-level deduplication

    Files stored in Btrfs volumes on Synology NAS can be deduplicated with previous versions, minimizing the storage space required.

Self-service recovery portal

The convenient Active Backup for G Suite Portal provides a simple way to browse and restore data for IT admins and employees. 

  • Employee self-restore

    Employees can easily restore files or folders by themselves from the intuitive Active Backup for G Suite Portal without the assistance of IT admins, thereby enhancing restore efficiency.
  • IT admin role change 

    For companies with a strict policy of prohibiting employees to restore data by themselves, MIS team members who possess admin privileges can flexibly switch between multiple accounts to browse different employees' backup tasks and help restore their data.
  • Employee self-restore
  • IT admin role change 
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DSM integration 

Leveraging the maturity of DSM technologies and supporting the features of encryption and Btrfs, Active Backup for G Suite ensures data security and storage efficiency. 

  • Encryption 

    The built-in encryption feature strictly ensures confidentiality of data stored in shared folders, as no one can access their contents without a private key.
  • Btrfs-ready 

    For data stored in Btrfs volumes, compression can minimize storage consumption, while data scrubbing can correct major memory or storage errors.