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Synology® Releases the New HASP Package for its DiskStation

Taipei, Taiwan—Nov 23, 2010—Synology Inc. today released the new HASP package for its DiskStation NAS server.

The HASP package authenticates distributed software applications on Synology DiskStation by automatically running the licensing process and protecting the applications from unauthorized usages and duplication. After installing the HASP package on DiskStation, users' PC clients will be able to authenticate its software applications through their DiskStations. The software applications include those published by 1C, a leading business software provider in Russia. The Russian Federal Tax Committee accepts electronic reports from 1C as the only standard, proving its leading position in Russia.

Synology DiskStation came to be of great importance to software developers and industry players because of its mature and sophisticated platform and leading market share. This has attracted more and more developers in seeing the values of running their solutions on Synology DiskStation. “With our successful integration with 1C, we expect to continue joining force with leading industry players to deliver seamless and hassle-free business solutions,” commented Chad Chiang, product manager of Synology. “Together with the comprehensive enterprise-level features come with DiskStation, Synology underscores its commitment to bringing all-in-one solution to business users.”


The HASP package applies to selected DiskStation 10-series or up models that run on DSM 3.0-1354 or later. It is available for free download at:

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