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Synology® introduces C2 Object Storage

Taipei, Taiwan—June 7, 2022—Synology today announced the availability of C2 Object Storage, a simple, scalable, and affordable cloud object storage service for organizations to store unstructured data at scale.

Amazon S3 Compatible

Natively built with Amazon S3 API, C2 Object Storage provides users the ability to build a sophisticated object storage architecture, and use the existing tools and code for a variety of practical user cases including building a data lake, hosting web and media assets, running and developing cloud apps, backing up and restoring data, as well as establishing data archives.

Intuitive file browser

In addition, C2 Object Storage's intuitive file browser allows users to upload multiple files with simple drag-and-drop selection and manage all content from a straightforward web portal.

Simple Pricing

With no API request fee and data deletion fee required, Synology Object Storage only charges users based on storage usage and download in most user scenarios.

With just $6.99 a month, organizations may utilize 1 Terabyte of storage space with no additional transfer fee. For any extra traffic such as web streaming or web asset hosting where data needs to be downloaded constantly and repeatedly, C2 Object Storage only charges 1 cent per Gigabytes.

Try it out now and get 15GB for free, or contact us now for more specific requests.

Synology at a glance

Staying at the forefront of data management, Synology innovates and adapts to ever-evolving technologies, and continues bringing new possibilities to the table, including but not limited to solutions for data storage and backup, file collaboration, video management, and network infrastructure – all designed with one goal in mind – presenting a centralized platform to simplify IT administration while driving digital transformation for businesses worldwide.

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