UK Backup Limited

It gave us a flexible platform which will easily allow us to increase the storage capacity as and when we need James Chillman, UK Backup Director

The Company

UK Backup Limited ( is a Southampton (UK) based provider of business grade Online Solutions ranging from unmanaged storage accounts to full SLA based online server backup solutions.

The Challenge

UK Backup wanted to expand their product range and begin offering online backup services direct to SMB's. They needed a storage device that would sit behind the load balanced front-end servers and act as the main storage for the service. They also needed a system in place that would be able to deal with a high volume of throughput from the front-end system to the storage location to avoid any bottlenecks in the setup and to ensure clients' backups run at the maximum speed possible. IT also needed to be able to expand easily and add more storage as and when needed.

The Solution

UK Backup recognized that they needed to deploy a NAS based solution that would offer a high throughput, easily scale as and when required. The NAS needed to offer multiple Gigabit ports and have a low power foot print. The Synology RackStation RS3411RPxs became an ideal choice for UK Backup as it fulfilled their needs and further ensures that they continue to offer the most reliable services to clients.

The Benefits

High Scalability

Synology's RackStation RS3411RPxs is both highly scalable and easy to scale in terms of storage capacity. UK Backup chose to deploy the RS3411RPxs fitted with 3TB hard drives which gave them a 21TB storage array in RAID 6 with 4Gbit ports to connect to the load balanced cluster. As the RS3411RPxs is both highly scalable and easy to scale, UK Backup is planning on using the RX1211RP expansion units in the future, which will allow them to increase the storage capacity by 27TB, giving a total of 48TB for more data.

Easy Storage Management

Synology solutions not only bring reliable hardware but also quality software. Through the Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM), the operating system for all Synology DiskStation and RackStation, UK Backup found the unit incredibly easy to setup and the Storage Manager interface allows them to manage and monitor the RAID array and clients stored data easily. The Storage Manager allows users to easily form different disk groups and create multiple volumes for easier storage management. It also displays all the essential information, such as storage usage of each volume, each disk group, as well as the HDD status installed in a DiskStation or RackStation. Users can also expand their existing storage capacity and configure RAID setup just as easily with Storage Manager.  

Peace-of-Mind Backup

UK Backup uses the RS3411RPxs as a backup server behind their front servers of online backup service. This means that after clients store data onto UK Backup's servers – securely, with AES 128 or 256-bit encryption – the same data will be duplicated to Synology's server via NFS to provide a second layer of data protection. In additional to a variety of backup modes and options, Synology NAS servers can also act as a rsync backup target to other servers to increase backup efficiency.

Recommended Models

  • RS3411RPxs

Recommended Features

  • High scalability
  • Storage Manager
  • Peace-of-mind backup
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