Artemis Eye Clinics

By using Synology systems within our hospital networks, we can enjoy secure, fast and stable solutions for backup, file, and cloud services as well as virtual server environments. Artemis IT Department

The Company

The ARTEMIS Eye Clinics and their centralized medical supply centers stand for high-quality medical diagnostics and treatment of all essential diseases of human eyes. With 16 surgical centers and more than 30 locations, ARTEMIS Eye Clinics are well established nationwide. More than 70,000 eye surgeries are carried out by over 80 doctors annually.

All ARTEMIS centers comply with quality and safety standards which are certified and tested by external authorities, such as TÜV SÜD or the national quality network OcuNet Group on a regular basis. Together with other ophthalmologists in the OcuNet Group, ARTEMIS realizes quality projects that go far beyond the stated legal standard requirements.

The Challenge

While planning new locations in Wiesbaden and Dillenburg, ARTEMIS was looking for a fast, promising high availability solution to ensure the secure operation of heterogeneous hospital networks.

The high availability storage solution should be compatible with the Windows Hyper-V clusters to provide the best performance and stability for virtual machine operations. The servers were to be placed in different fire compartments, each connected by iSCSI to the storage server in order to minimize the risk of failure.

The Solution

Since existing locations already had good experience with Synology systems (by using RS217, RS815RP+) for backups, file sharing and cloud services, a suitable Synology High Availability (SHA) solution was quickly identified and implemented. 

Each location received two FS2017 equipped with SSDs. The Iscsi LUNs were connected to the Hyper-V servers via 10GbE. For establishing a high performing SHA, a 20GbE BOND was used. 

All VMs run on the created Synology iSCSI LUNs (RAID F1) and can be addressed over multiple VLAN connections. The two FS2017 have formed a high-availability cluster. If there is a failure in the active server, all VMs will automatically fail over to the second Hyper-V server in the cluster. Thus, the clinics can continue to work without interruption, which implies significant cost savings and reliability.

In addition, the systems are used as an encrypted SMB archive for medical data and are accessed over a 3GbE bond.

The Benefits

Reliability and availability of technical systems

So far, no problem has been identified with any of the Synology products implemented. Since the beginning of 2016, a Synology RS815RP + was used for internal intense cloud services 24x7. In 2017, two Synology FS2017 were used in a high availability failover cluster for iSCSI connection to Hyper-V servers as well as several Synology RS217 were implemented at remote locations for backup services.

Excellent data throughput at economical price

The 10GbE network interfaces operated by the NAS systems, enabling a very high data throughput, which fully exploit the performance of the SSDs. Synology devices has shown excellent results in the comparative throughput testing with other devices at much higher price point.

Continuous business operations due to redundancy

With the FS2017, Synology guarantees redundant power availability, optional optional network card bonding, as well as the reliable High Availability failover cluster.

Recommended Models

  • FS2017 × 4

Recommended Features

  • Virtualization Storage
  • Synology High Availability
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