Release Notes for Synology Assistant

Synology Assistant est un utilitaire de bureau qui recherche des serveurs Synology dans le réseau local. Il vous permet de rechercher votre serveur Synology et de vous y connecter ou de configurer Wake on LAN (WOL).

Version: 7.0.4-50051


Compatibility & Installation

  1. Updated to be compatible with DSM 7.2.

Fixed Issues

  1. Minor bug fixes.

Version: 7.0.3-50049


Fixed Issue

  1. Fixed an issue where the text on the interface of Synology Assistant installation wizard appeared garbled.

Version: 7.0.2-50046


Fixed Issues

  1. Enhanced the device searching mechanism.

Version: 7.0.1-50044


Compatibility & Installation

  1. For security reasons, servers with software versions (DSM 6.2.3 and earlier or DSM UC 3.0.1 and earlier) that do not support password encryption will not be displayed on Synology Assistant by default. Please refer to this article for more information.

Fixed Issues

  1. Improved connection security by modifying the network drive mapping process.

Version: 7.0-50029


Fixed Issues

  1. Fixed an issue where text might be unreadable in macOS when Dark Mode is applied.
  2. Fixed an issue where Synology Assistant might not operate properly on macOS Big Sur under certain conditions.
  3. Add security warnings to processes that require the entry of administrator account and password.

Version: 6.2-24922


Fixed Issues

  1. Fixed a security vulnerability (Synology-SA-19:38).

Version: 6.2-23733


Minor bug fixes.

Version: 6.1-15163


Enhanced the security during the installation of Synology Assistant.

Version: 6.1-15030

  1. Allows clean installing DSM on a "migratable" NAS.
  2. Allows the admin group to run the memory test for NAS.
  3. Allows the admin group to configure IP address for NAS which is in the status of "Connection failed."
  4. Minor bug fixes.

Version: 6.0-7319

  1. Fixed an issue in which the layout could not be displayed properly on monitors with 4K resolution.
  2. Minor bug fixes.

Version: 5.2-5566

  1. Synology Assistant is now digitally signed for Mac running 10.9.5 and later.
  2. Synology Assistant offers DEB and RPM installers for Linux computers.
  3. Minor bug fixes.

Version: 5.1-5005



  1. Enhanced system checking mechanism.

Fixed Issues

  1. Minor bug fixes

Version: 5.1-5002



  1. Added KDE Linux GUI support.

Limitations & Known Issues

  1. MFP (Multifunction Printer) does not support Windows 10.
  2. 5002 will be the last version with built-in MFP (Multifunction Printer) function.
  3. 5002 will be the last version with built-in Photo Uploader function.

Version: 5.0-4448



  1. Removed the Resource Monitor feature.
  2. Removed Photo Station Uploader in 64-bit Linux version.

Version: 5.0-4418



  1. Enhanced the compatibility of network MFP drivers with Windows 8.1.

Version: 4.3-4359


Fixed Issues

  1. Renewed the code signing certificates so unnecessary "Unknown Publisher" warnings no longer appear on Windows and Mac computers during installation.

Version: 4.3-4206


Change log

  1. Photo Station Uploader feature is now removed in Synology Assistant on Windows and Mac.
  2. Fixed minor bugs.

Version: 4.2-3508


Change log

  1. Bug Fixes.

Version: 4.2-3179


Change log

  1. You can now set up network printers connected to DiskStation on a Windows PC.

Version: 4.1-2647


Change log

  1. Upgraded to support Synology RS10613xs+.

Version: 4.1-2638


Change log

  1. Improved the compatibility with DNG files created by Adobe Lightroom 4.1 when you're using Photo Uploader.

Version: 4.1-2636


Change log

  1. Improved the speed of uploading photos to Photo Station.
  2. Improved the compatibility of Mac OS X 10.8.

Version: 4.0-2216


Change log

  1. Fixed an issue where you may not convert .mts video files with Photo Uploader.

Version: 4.0-2196


Change log

  1. Added the feature to monitor the file system check progress.
  2. Fixed an issue that modified date of uploaded photos was unexpectedly changed.

Version: 3.2-1920


Change log

  1. Now you will have the option to create the Synology Hybrid RAID volume at the first-time DSM installation on your new DiskStation.
  2. Now you will have better quality of converted videos when uploading them to Photo Station.

Version: 3.1-1593


Change log

  1. Background mode is now supported to allow you to easily manage the connection status of your multifunction printer.

Version: 3.0-1347


Change log

  1. (18008) Keep and update the sorted list for DiskStations after refreshing or restarting Synology Assistant.

Version: 3.0-1334


Change log

  1. Function tab customization is added to allow users to set up the default function tabs at startup.
  2. Improved UI allows users to switch functions between tabs.

Version: 2.3-1157


Change log

  1. (14296) Fixed the issue of Photo Uploader converting video files in Windows.

Version: 2.3-1153


Change log

  1. (14098) Enhanced Photo Uploader AVI converting in Synology Assistant on Mac and Linux.

Version: 2.3-1134


New Features

  1. Photo Uploader: Photo Uploader utility allows uploading photos and videos to the DiskStation which photo thumbnails and H.264 films pre-generated with the client computer.
  2. Wake on LAN*: A Wake on LAN utility allows remotely turning on the DiskStation over the local area network by entering the device MAC address.

* Wake on LAN is supported on Synology DS1010+ and DS710+ only.

Version: 2.2-1063


Change log

  1. Improved search function of Synology Assistant (Mac OS) in Wi-Fi environments.

Version: 2.2-1062


New features

  1. Linux Version Support: Linux version Synology Assistant is now available.
  2. Resource Monitor: CPU usage, memory usage, network flow and volume usage are displayed on an organized panel for easy access without login into management UI. Monitoring multiple DiskStations is also allowed.
  3. Batch DiskStation Installation: Installing firmware for multiple un-configured DiskStations on a batch basis is now available.
  4. UI Enhancements:
    • Resizable window: The application window is now resizable to fit user's preference.
    • Search progress bar: A search progress bar is now shown at the bottom of the application window.
    • Sort-able attributes: DiskStations listed are now able to be sorted by different attributes such as server name or IP address.
    • Preferences: The Preferences page allows you to change the application display language, set the start page and enable memory test function.

Special Notes

  1. OS Support:
    • Windows 2000 onward
    • Mac OS X 10.3 onward
    • Linux Ubuntu 8, 9
  2. Resource Monitor and memory test functions are available only on DiskStation with firmware DSM 2.2-0914 and onward.
  3. The Linux version is optimized for Ubuntu distribution version 8 and 9. Users can still try it on other Linux distributions for evaluation purpose only.
  4. Memory test tool is designed for system diagnosis purpose.