Release Notes for BeeDrive voor desktop

BeeDrive for desktop is a desktop utility that automatically backs up your computer to BeeDrive. It includes folder-level file sync with customizable options for sync direction, file size, and file type.

Version: 1.2.2-13557


Fixed issues


  • Fixed an issue that prevented Mac users from updating BeeDrive for the first time or after formatting it.

Version: 1.2.1-13555


What's new

  • File Sync supports syncing folders used for Mobile Transfer.

Fixed issues

  • Enhanced software performance.
  • Fixed an issue where some Mac computers equipped with Apple silicon might not recognize BeeDrive due to the absence of Apple's built-in app, Rosetta 2.
  • Fixed an issue where folder names containing the symbol "/" might not display properly.
  • Fixed an issue where the desktop software might not function properly due to an excessive number of certificates stored in the computer system.


  • Fixed an issue where the desktop software might not be able to pair or connect to the BeeDrive mobile app due to abnormalities in the computer’s firewall settings.


  • Fixed an issue where BeeDrive functions might not appear when right-clicking files in Finder.

Version: 1.2.0-13547


What's new

  • Supports File Sync on macOS 12.0 and above.

Known issues

  • The length for a username on Mac computers should be less than 40 characters.
  • For users on macOS 14 and above, it is required to update BeeDrive device within the desktop software for better compatibility.
  • Due to the mechanism of the exFAT file system, unplugging BeeDrive without safely ejecting it may cause data corruption. Please ensure you have ejected BeeDrive safely before removal.

Version: 1.2.0-13539


What's new

  • Supports macOS 12.0 and above to run BeeDrive for desktop (RC), system administrator permissions are required.

Fixed issues

  • Enhanced the recognition accuracy to better detect BeeDrive if it was not removed safely.
  • Enhanced stability for syncing and backups.
  • Enhanced stability of connection with the BeeDrive mobile app during photo backup and file transfer via BeeDrop.
  • Fixed an issue where QR codes for pairing mobile devices might not be generated properly.

Version: 1.1.1-13312


Fixed issues

  1. Fixed an issue where users in China might not be able to generate QR codes for pairing mobile devices.

Version: 1.1.0-13311


What's new

  1. Supports photo backup and file transfer via BeeDrop when your mobile device and computer are on separate networks (e.g., cellular data, guest Wi-Fi, public Wi-Fi, and other networks with wireless isolation enabled).
  2. Added a notification to promptly notify users within the BeeDrive desktop software when Windows detects the need to repair BeeDrive.
  3. Supports displaying the file path in the backup and syncing queue by hovering the mouse over the file name.
  4. Enhanced the accuracy of the storage usage calculation.

Fixed issues

  1. Fixed an issue where BeeDrive might not be recognized by the BeeDrive desktop software under specific conditions.
  2. Fixed an issue where signing in to the Synology Account or generating QR codes for pairing with the mobile device might fail when the computer's Internet connection went through a proxy server.
  3. Fixed an issue where users in China might not be able to sign in to their Synology Account or generate QR codes for pairing mobile devices.
  4. Fixed an issue where users might not be able to select the default option of Computer Backup when the default folders (e.g., Downloads, Pictures) were missing on the Windows computer.
  5. Fixed an issue where a computer’s internal disk might be mistaken for an external drive by the BeeDrive desktop software.

Version: 1.0.0-13176


Compatibility and Installation

  1. Supported operating systems: Windows 10 (1809), Windows 11 and above, excluding Windows 10 ARM and Windows Server editions (system administrator permissions are required)
  2. Supported file system on BeeDrive: exFAT

What's New

  1. A real-time backup and sync solution from your computer to BeeDrive.
  2. Backing up photos and transferring files from mobile devices to your BeeDrive connected to a computer with the use of the BeeDrive mobile app.
  3. A brief overview of the hardware health status and storage usage.

To learn more, please refer to the technical specifications.