Mölndal Energi AB

"The ease of scalability of the Synology devices and the ability to connect designated view clients in the system are the key benefits for our organisation" Niclas Lundin - IT Operations Manager

The Company

Mölndal Energi AB are a company of around 120 employees and our primary goal is to produce heat and electricity for our clients in an environmentally friendly way. The company was founded in 1994 and is aiming to be the first energy company in Sweden to not use any fossil fuel by 2019. We serve over 100,000 customers with heat and electricity.


The Challenge

Our main use of this Synology installation is to provide our facility with surveillance as well as monitoring service for our around the clock staff. This way they can keep an eye on the operations and see that all the systems are up and running, not only through monitoring software, but with actual pictures of the different locations in the facility. The system also records the events on our premises to prevent, and help us with potential thefts.

We also make use of Synology as a cost-effective backup target for our Veeam deployment, which protects other servers used in our IT infrastructure.

The Solution

Synology has been a valued manufacturer for many of the employees in the IT-department and when the need for a stable and fast surveillance system came to be, Synology was the logical choice. We have a total of three Synology NAS-systems for different purposes in our environment: initially RS3412RPxs, RS2416RP+ and now RC18015xs+. 

Surveillance: To protect and oversee our production lines, delivery area and other onsite premises, Synology Surveillance Station allows us to not only manage and control our 36 IP cameras, but also easily make live feeds viewable both to Security personnel and operators of the production line. This is achieved with the VS960HD making it possible to easily connect and view on large scale monitors onsite.

Virtualisation: Synology has also provided a the perfect backup storage for our entire virtualised server infrastructure, used as a target for our Veeam deployment. Availability is optimised as the RS2416RP+ can be configured to be connected to two switches at the same time to get redundancy. 

The Benefits

Our system together with the Synology Surveillance Station software, allows us to view live footage or recordings from various devices on the network, which means that we have a near bullet proof surveillance system that ensure that our operations staff can do their work more efficiently and productively. As well as giving us the possibility to grow the system as the need for more cameras and/or longer saved videos occur

Recommended Models

  • RC18015xs+ × 2
  • RXD1215sas
  • VS960HD × 4
  • RS2416RP+
  • RS3412RPxs

Recommended Features

  • Scalability
  • Surveillance
  • Veeam Backup Target
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