Product Support Status

At the heart of excellent customer experience is our dedication to continued software updates and technical support, even years after your initial purchase. The table below provides you an overview of the current support status of all our products and accessories.

Product Name Product Image Product Availability 1 2 Technical Support 3 Warranty (in years) 4 Datasheet
Product Name
Product Image
Product Availability 1
Technical Support 3
Warranty (in years) 4


  1. Product Availability:
    Generally Available: The product is still in production and available through retail channels or partners.
    Discontinued: The product is no longer manufactured.

  2. DSM/SRM/Firmware Update:
    Full: Firmware and software updates will be continuously provided.
    Limited: Only security updates will be provided.
    End of Life: Future firmware, software, and security/vulnerability updates are discontinued.

  3. Technical Support:
    Full: Technical support and hardware repair/replacement services will be provided within the product warranty period.
    Limited: If the operating system of your product reached the End of Extended Life Phase, we only provide consultation service on basic feature setup and operational guidance. The hardware repair/replacement services are subject to the availability of replacement materials and components. Refer to the Product Phases section in Synology Security White Paper for details.

  4. Product Warranty:
    The term of your warranty period shall commence on the purchase date appearing on your purchase receipt. For more details, please visit LIMITED PRODUCT WARRANTY.