Desktop backup

Synology NAS protects data stored on any device, whether it's a Windows computer, Mac, or other devices.

Cloud Station Backup for PC protection

Featuring real-time incremental backup technology, your data stored on PC can be backed up to a Synology NAS instantly, using the least system resource, bringing a truly comprehensive and secure private cloud experience.

Incremental backup: fast while reducing performance impact

By optimizing PC backup to incremental backup that only backs up modified files, Cloud Station Backup divides freshly modified part into smaller portions, drastically lowering the system resource required for data backup comparing to common backup practice.

Real-time backup saving you from massive data loss

Cloud Station Backup carries out the most complete backup in a real-time manner. When the data is voluminous, real-time backup can minimize the risks of massive data loss due to unexpected disaster amids backup cycle.

USB Copy 2.0 for external device protection

With minimal configuration, USB Copy1 auto-copies files and folders from your Synology NAS to attached USB/SD storage or reversely for efficient data exchange and backup.

  • Simple and smooth

    Hot-plug a USB/SD device to auto-run a matched copy task, and remove it when receiving completion beeps and LED alerts.
  • Customize copy behavior by device

    Customize each device's backup destination, copy mode, file-type filter, and conflict policies. All the settings will be remembered for instant application upon hot plug-in.
  • Optimize photo/video backup

    Sort a large number of photos and videos imported to your Synology NAS into date-named folders, making files easy to locate and organize.

Time Machine for macOS protection

Using Time Machine, you can easily back up data stored on macOS to Synology NAS.

Automatic usage control

Advanced protection

With quota limitation set on multiple shared folders in Btrfs volumes, older versions will be automatically deleted when the set backup share is almost reached, which prevents excessive storage consumption.

The SMB3 protocol is supported to further strengthen reliability and integrity of data backup. By using Cloud Sync, you can even have your backup replicated to public cloud storage to complete the 3-2-1 backup strategy. Learn more about Cloud Sync.


  1. Hardware Copy button is only available on select models.