HMS Unicorn

The installation has given us great peace of mind by addressing all of our diverse challenges in a single relatively straight forward solution. Dr Tom Mitchell

The Company

The Unicorn Preservation Society, founded 1969, is responsible for the care and conservation of HMS Unicorn, built in 1824.  There are 10 trustees, 6 staff and around 50 volunteers involved in the care and management of the ship.

HMS Unicorn is of Outstanding International Significance and, although she is not as well known, she is of comparable significance to the most world-famous and iconic surviving historic ships in the UK including HMS Victory, Cutty Sark and Mary Rose.  She is the most original and most significant wooden ship of the 19th century surviving in the World today. She is one of the six oldest ships in the world, and considered to be the last intact warship from the "Age of Sail".

The ship is now used as a museum, educational venue and an events venue (e.g. wedding, dinners, etc.)

The Challenge

The Society faced four challenges:
1. Storage of their digital archive securely in a way which was accessible to the network for interpretation purposes;
2. Staff stored their data locally on their PC with no centralised storage or backup solution in place;
3. No security or surveillance protocol for its collection of historical artefacts from theft or damage; and
4. Staff working alone acting as security at certain times of the year without further measures in place.

Being a charity, most of the solutions suggested were out of the HMS Unicorn's budget.

The Company Secretary is a long-term Synology user and suggested a Synology solution as a potential economic and effective solution capable of addressing all of these challenges.

The Solution

Initially, the solution was focused on securing the digital archive and providing a structured network storage solution for staff.

A Synology DS918+ was acquired, with 2x 3GB WD Red drives in a RAID 1 configuration for data storage and archive.  Once in place, 2x  6TB WD Purple drives were added in a second volume in a separate RAID 1 configuration to support CCTV data storage and retrieval.
With this, HMS Unicorn are now able to view the live feed of their surveillance and successfully back up to the NAS. The surveillance data is readily available for the security team to review.

The Benefits

The Synology NAS has given the HMS Unicorn a simple yet effective solution which caters for very diverse needs. This was ideal for a charity as the investment was an affordable solution.
The benefits HMS Unicorn have experienced from utilising the Synology solution are both tangible and intangible.
It has improved staff efficiency as the Society's data is now accessible by all staff.  The digital archive (audio, music and video) can be used across the ship for interpretation purposes and critically for the charity as they seek formal "accreditation" as a museum; the security of the collection from theft and damage is dramatically reduced.
Synology have helped the HMS Unicorn achieve a piece of mind when dealing with both security and data storage.

Recommended Models

  • DS918+

Recommended Features

  • Surveillance Station
  • Storage for Surveillance
  • Centralised Backup
  • Data Archiving
  • Form Factor
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